Easy Road Trip Travel Activity Book for Kids

Have you got a road trip travel activity book for your next road trip?

All the EPIC road trips in the world cannot make up for this year.

But, that said, I am thrilled to be able to take even small adventures close to home these days. Right now, t’s all about the road trips. If you are road tripping with teens or kids any time soon, then this travel activity book may come in handy.

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The Art of the Road Trip with Kids

Road trips can be a lot of fun. They can also be a basic nightmare if you don’t pack any activities, books, board games or video games to help pass the time on the drive.

So, here are a few ideas of things that you can easily do and games you can play while watching the signs and license plates drift by.

If you like road trip games, don’t miss the Travel ABCs for road trips. We also love these Grab N Go Games. Perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles.


Road Trips with My Family

We have done our share of road trips over the years and every winter we typically do a big drive to Vermont. In 2019 we did an epic 12-day road trip through Vermont, Maine and Quebec. Check out my post about Okemo Mountain Ski Resort where we started.

If you are interested in more travel activity games and books then you can get some here and frankly I also love the adorable travel conversation starters. But, remember before you go to prepare the vehicle also and be sure to be clear on emergency safety protocols and also travel protocols for the country or region you are visiting.

Also, be respectful. Do not visit another country, a park, a resort, a trail and leave any of it worse than it was before you visited.

How to Get this Travel Activity Book

These games are super easy. One is a fill in the blank worksheet and another is join the lines. Finally, one that you see above is an easy tic tac toe printable sheet. Always, always pack the crayons and markers so kids can easily do these worksheets and printables while you drive.

Here’s a quick tip for the booklet download. You need to cut out the memory game squares and flip them over in order to play.


Download the full booklet below

Taming the Backseat Arguments

Travel is so worth the time and effort, but again don’t forget to make some lists and prepare for your time away. Also, when you travel with kids keep them well occupied with printable games, travel games and more, so there’s less: Are We There Yet? and more – silence.

Other Games to Take with You

Rubber Neckers is a fun travel activity to pass the time too. This Dr. Biscuits game is also ideal for a wide range of kids.

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