Starbucks Freebies Today

style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Love that morning cuppa, well this one is just for you. Although I really prefer my timmies in the a.m. I may be hitting Starbucks this morning for my free pastry before 10:30 a.m. Today (Tuesday) all Starbucks coffee shops are offering free pastry with the purchase of a handcrafted coffee. Make mine a tall cuppa breakfast blend and as for the free pastry, I’ll see what they’ve got that tickles my fancy. After all thriftymomma loves freebies. Cheers and enjoy your coffee.! P.S. Print this coupon or show it to the Barrista on your mobile phone.

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  • Juliana

    That sounds so yummy, I cannot remember the last time that I was at Starbucks!

    I am now following you from MBC/FFF and I hope you will come by and follow back as well!