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Family Day printable
Family Day printable

This Family Day I thought it would be fun to share several Family Day printable worksheets and activities for kids. Stay tuned for coloring sheets and word searches and all sorts of fun. I hope that you take some time to have fun with your family on Family Day. For those of you who don’t know what Family Day is, it’s a holiday in February that is designed to give families a day off work and a day off school to spend together. In Ontario, people enjoy their Family Day this year on Monday, February 16. In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario the dates are the same (Feb. 16). In BC, their holiday is a week earlier on February 9.

If your children are looking for something to do, you can download this activity sheet and let them draw a picture of their family. To do that you can right click the sheet above and save to your computer or you can follow the link here in PDF form (generally bigger and much clearer.) Generally speaking right clicking is a NO No for blogs though. All written content and photographs and printables are protected by copyright.

Leave me a comment if you use this and let me know whether you enjoyed the family day printable worksheets.

Happy Family Day and a Printable Worksheet!

Click on the link below to print this Family Day printable out easily.

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