Be Brave Hopeful Sayings Colouring Page to Share Now!

At the start of the pandemic I looked for ways to stay positive. I think many of us did actually. There weren’t many optimistic and hopeful things to see then as events were cancelled and schools closed and sports stopped, gyms closed and well you get the idea. And, there was so much worry, in every single corner of my house.

WE lost multiple trips we had planned and we were worried often. Everything was so much harder, especially when schools closed and remote learning was the new normal. My kids did not do well with that at all.

MOM Life

So, like a lot of Moms, I looked for hope and inspiration and anything that might actually help us get through.

So we painted rocks with inspirational sayings on them and placed them in various areas of the neighbourhood. And we took hikes and we drew and did so many crafty things. Check out my Eco Printing Craft Idea here.

Then we made some lovely colourful art and posted it in the windows of our home.

Be Brave

That made me happy. It also helped us to resolve to do our own part to add to the cheery atmosphere of our own little corner of the world. We began by adding colourful pictures and seasonal colouring pages to the windows of our home. That was as much about giving us something happy to look at as it was about watching the cheerful smiles of grandparents out walking their grandchildren and little ones stopping to stare at the window art. 

Hopeful Sayings Colouring Page

You can get this adorable hopeful sayings colouring page that says Be Brave by clicking on the link below and downloading it now.

Be Brave, Kind and All of That Jazz

BE Brave. Be Kind. Be Patient. Stay Strong. All of these hopeful sayings are relevant this year and beyond. Print this one out and hopefully I will have more to share soon.

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