Back To School

Friday: Back To School Edition

Holy Shopping Batman! There are some incredible deals happening this weekend and some excellent freebies in and around London area too. Oh and it’s a follow Friday thing again here too.. So read on…

Gap Give and Get program is on this weekend. It started Thursday and runs through until end of Sunday.
30 % off anything you buy at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. The bonus here is that the Gap gives 5% of what you spend to various non profits including Canadian Aids Society.

Rainbow Cinemas at the Galleria has their annual birthday event this weekend and that means join Rainbow Bear at 10 a.m. on Saturday the 28th and get free movie and face painting and cake. The movie starts at 11 .am. and is How To Train Your Dragon (not in 3D) We loved this one! Even though it is essentially a cartoon viking war movie, it is truly a good show with a great message about fitting in and imagination and finding your strength. One of the better ones we have seen this year. Only the first 300 will get in free.

Midnight madness at Zellers 6 p.m. to midnight tonight. Great timed deals like Dora Backpacks for $8. Check flyer for hourly specials.

Shoppers Drug Mart: great deals on staples this weekend only Sunday and Monday. Sept. 2 is Senior’s Day with gift card. This week everyone has a chance to win a prize at checkout on Saturday and Sunday with a spend of over $50. Got it?

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