Grab This Easy I Spy Valentine Game Now

Are you hunting for Valentine Games? Maybe something fun to give the kids that’s not chocolate or candy…Remember I spy? It’s pretty timeless actually and a classic travel game. Now, can you also remember those gigantic I Spy game books. Yes, those ones. They can be so much fun actually, not unlike Where’s Waldo? An I Spy book or game can be hours of entertainment.

So this year for Valentine’s Day I thought it would be fun to add to the Valentine’s games and craft an I Spy game to add to my long list of fun word games here on Thrifty Mommas Tips. Here’s what I came up with. Check it out.


Four years ago I ran my first ever word search. It was a Valentine’s word search. So these cute fun, easy, free printables feel a little bit nostalgic for me. Plus, I always loved fun things like this when I was a kid. Word were my jam, even back then before I Spy books launched.

Don’t forget to check out all of my Valentine’s Day games and Printables on Pinterest. The answers are here too, but don’t cheat and read those right away.

More Valentine Games to Share

Here are a few other options for you to share this Valentine’s Day including my first ever Valentine’s word search from that post for years ago. Turned out people love these so much they return and share often. That makes me happy.


Cute Word Games

Valentine’s Day word games pass the time, aren’t totally mindless, and they are also a lot of fun. I Spy games can be excellent tool for encouraging visual search skills. This one uses images instead of words so even if the kids are very small and can’t yet read, they will enjoy doing this Valentine I Spy game.

So happy hunting and Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Looking for a recipe to make this Valentine’s Day? Here you go. Cherry Red Velvet Valentine’s cupcakes are amazing!


How to print.

I Spy Valentines PDF Click this Valentine Games link in the post and print it out easy peasy or right click the image above and print it from that one. Please feel free to use these yourselves and share with friends but do not republish them as your own.

Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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