Fun Spring Word Search for Kids

I’ve got a Spring word search for kids on my mind today. If you know me at all, then you know that my entire family loves printable fun word searches and crosswords. Last night I supervised my daughter doing a cute crossword for grade nine English class. It was all about literary terms like – fill in the word – a comparison using like is called a: SIMILE. And a comparison that doesn’t use like is a: Metaphor. Anyways that was fun homework. I can totally get behind that kind of homework.

This Free Spring Word Search for kids is not as hard as that crossword was, so don’t worry, the kids can easily do this April word search on their own.


Spring Printables can help pass the rainy spring days when nothing outdoors can be scheduled or entertained. Free Spring Printables, or any kind of printables can help your child with reading, printing, visual tracking and also fine motor coordination, circling the words. I find these keep my kids organized a bit too, but only when I watch them and remind them how to cross off the words they have already found. I know that sounds peculiar but my kids can be disorganized at written work, so when I remind them cross off each word as you find it then they can visually see their progress. That helps with organizing a simple word search project.

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Fun Spring Word Search for Kids:

I have dozens of free spring printables and word searches and games on my Pinterest Free Printables board. This one was an Easter printable. Visit my Pinterest board for more information and more free printables like this free spring printables word search.

As always the best way to get this Spring Word Search for kids is to click on the link below and print it from that. Happy hunting!

Spring Word Search

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