Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat and Restore Therapy

We are pretty regular here when it comes to yoga. I have been practicing yoga since the kids were toddlers. Yoga gives me a break, helps with fitness, flexibility, balance and strength. Yoga also makes me feel more in charge of whatever crazy challenges life throws in my path. Plus, who doesn’t love relaxation time? My favourite part of the class.  


Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat  

I started using the regular mats at the YMCA a decade ago and moved onto a dollar store mat which lasted all of maybe two weeks. Those things off gas horribly and aren’t worth the chemicals used to construct them.

So I bought a Gaiam mat at Indigo after that. I’ve had it forever. It stays in my van so I always have it handy when I get the urge to do a class.

Recently, Gaiam sent me their Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat ($29.99) with numerous other sample items and videos. The Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Mat is 6P free.


What is 6P Free?

What does that mean exactly?

It’s free of the top six most harmful phalalates: DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIMP, DIDP, and DNOP. It’s also better for the environment.  

The Tree of Wisdom Gaiam Yoga Mat has a super grip texture and non slip performance. I have been using my mat for so long that it’s one of those durable comfort objects that simply endures. There’s nothing wrong with my old mat and I use it often. Perhaps a bit too often. I noticed a definite difference when I used the new one this week.

The Tree of Wisdom new mat has more cushion to it. It’s 3 mms thick and it’s affordable. There’s no odour to the mat which is important to me. My kids often do yoga with me, and they occasionally do yoga classes at the YMCA as well. They each have their own mats, so this one is just for me.

Gaiam has numerous other products – many of which I have been using for years already. They are affordable, reliable and healthier than many other alternatives.

We also had a chance to test out the Restore Hot and Cold Therapy Kit. These massage balls are filled with a unique compound that can help hold heat or cold. You can run them under hot water for a warm massage or leave one in your freezer for a bit to chill.

They are a great way to relax and reward tired muscles after a challenging workout. One ball is textured and one is smooth. They retail for $14.99 and can be used on feet, back or neck area. I have a particularly annoying lower back area that requires extra stretching and sometimes a bit of warmth to loosen the tension there.

As well, these come in handy on my tight shoulder muscles – the result of working on a laptop.   Follow Gaiam on Facebook. 

I received samples in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links as a service to my readers.

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  • Randa Derkson

    I have never thought of the chemicals they product before. I do believe in quality. I had a free one from Special K sent to me and it got so ripped up. I finally bought a good one and it makes the world of difference. I will have to check out Gaiam.

  • Sandy A

    Oh Paula you look so cute! Love the look of your yoga mat! So pretty on top of being a well-made mat. Love that it is 6P free. I think I know what you mean. The last yoga mat I bought was pretty smelly when I opened it up from the package. Probably all those terrible chemicals being released.

  • Crystal McLeod

    Love that your family all does yoga, I like yoga, but has been years since I have done it. I also know what you mean about cheap mats, I also find that they are slippy and I loose my balance on them due to that! Great review!

  • Tammy Mitchell

    You look like a natural! I love Yoga, did a few classes. But at home I have no idea where to begin. And getting to classes seems impossible these days. Any great videos you can suggest?