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Getting Sick – Make it Bearable With Boogie Wipes #ad

Getting sick is the worst. Nobody enjoys cold and flu season, or even allergy season for that matter. I should know, my daughter and I get sick far too often. Ever since my children started preschool, they have been exceptional, maybe even gifted – at sharing germs. If there is a bug or flu circulating, my daughters and I WILL get it. We’re sickness magnets especially at this time of the year.

getting sick

Getting Sick is Just Part of Life

For our family, getting sick during the fall and winter season is sort of inevitable. If you have kids you feel my pain.  At the end of the summer right before school started, my youngest daughter came down with a cold. That was almost IMMEDIATELY after she kicked bronchitis and a very bad cough that lingered. Of course, she passed it on to me and then to my husband. I had the wonderful luck to also somehow contract pink eye at exactly the same time that I was battling one of the worst colds I’ve had this year. But wait, there’s more. My oldest daughter got a stomach bug, probably the flu, and was vomiting for days. Oh, and then right before I left for Ireland my husband got sick with the same cold I had. You see where I’m going with this.

When cold and flu season hits, our family basically tumbles one by one like dominoes.

And we are not alone. I know many families who are exactly like us. One by one sickness sweeps through families.

This time of year if I can’t completely avoid getting sick I stock up on products that help us when we do fall ill. Thankfully, we’ve found something to help ease the pain of being sick; I am talking about Boogie Wipes, invented by Moms and recommended by paediatricians. Not a medication, but a simple soothing solution, Boogie Wipes make getting through colds much easier. With Boogie Wipes we can avoid the dreaded “Rudolph Nose”, that red, irritated, painful nose that comes from chronic nose blowing and wiping when you get really sick.


Getting Sick is Easier with Boogie Wipes

To help us manage that persistent nasal drip that comes with getting sick, we use Boogie Wipes. When my kids were small these were a really great option to have on hand. Most moms and dads can remember when their kids were small and the pain of trying to get them to blow their noses into rough tissues. For some reason, many kids hate that experience. Scratchy tissues make it a challenge, but Boogie Wipes are soft and contain vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile to sooth and heal. You might be stuck with being sick, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a horrible, red, painful nose. Boogie Wipes are alcohol, paraben, and phthalate free, which means they won’t irritate the nose or skin, and they’re totally safe for sensitive little noses. In fact, Boogie Wipes can also be great for cleaning up hands in a pinch. That’s why I keep them in the car too.

The best part is that Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline which dissolves the gross, mucous crust that can come with colds and the flu.

This year I am sending some to school too. Consider doing that yourself. In fact, they would have been ideal when I volunteered to read to the kids in my daughter’s grade one class. Every classroom has that one kid with bungie mucus exploding from their nose. Having these around might encourage even that child to wipe their nose. Available in fresh scent, great grape, and unscented.

Where to Stock Up:

Boogie Wipes help us combat that gross, painful symptom of getting sick, and they can help you too. Head over to your nearest retailer and pick up some Boogie Wipes for yourself. Boogie Wipes come in 30 count and 90 count value packs. Available at Walmart, Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore. They’re absolutely the best way to help you get through getting sick.

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