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5 Frugal Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love


5 Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the day to show mom how much she means to you. Although your heart wishes you can give her anything she desires, your pockets may not agree. How can you give your mom something nice while being frugal? These 5 frugal Mother’s Day gifts are just perfect.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You can get an inexpensive picture frame from the dollar store, a thrift shop, or use one you already have. Put in one of mom’s favorite pics. If you live near a CVS, Shoppers Drug Mart, WalMart, or Walgreens, they usually have a photo department. What is makes this so easy is that you can usually go online and upload a picture from your camera or cell phone. Once it’s all done (usually the same day) you pick it up from the store. Simple and easy!

Stores like Walmart and dollar stores carry candles and candle holders. Put the two together for a thoughtful and frugal gift. If you’re crafty, you can find a way to decorate it to add that special touch. Wrap it with some cellophane and tie with a ribbon. You might consider using decoupage to make it really unique. Teens and tweens can easily do this and make it special. Voila! You have just created an inexpensive gift that will put a smile on mom’s face.

Dollar Store Gardening Basket
The dollar store will have what you need to make a cute basket for moms who love to garden. First, pick up a basket, or watering can. Then add things like seeds, gardening gloves, and tools. Put some lotion in there so mom can keep her hands soft from all that washing she’ll do to get her hands clean.

Make a scrapbook. This frugal idea is awesome! Dig through old pictures and create a scrapbook that mom can cherish for years to come. Use things you have on hand like stickers and colored paper. You don’t even necessarily need to buy a scrapbook. (But what I have noticed in previous years is that you can buy beautiful simple scrapbooks at locations such as Winners.) You can make one by cutting out two pieces of cardboard for the front and back cover with regular paper in between. Use a hole punch to make holes and tie together with sturdy ribbon. If you have craft scissors these would be great to cut cute edges. You can also go online and print out clipart and scrapbook backgrounds to add to your masterpiece. One year I made my Mom a beautiful and really labor intensive scrapbook with many special photos and events in it. I enjoyed making it and she enjoyed looking through it and showing it off.

Breakfast in bed
Do you have a fridge full of food but are strapped for cash? You can still make her feel like a queen without actually getting her anything. How? Make her breakfast in bed! Let her sleep in and wake up to a wonderful breakfast made with love. Snip a little flower from outside and put in a little vase or small cup to add the perfect touch. If you want to get a little fancy, you can create a menu of the foods you made and print it out.

There you have it! Five frugal gifts that will make both your mom and your wallet happy! What are you planning this Mother’s Day?

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