Happy Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable

Valentines Day Wordsearch
Valentines Day Wordsearch

This is my first ever word search hosted on thrifty momma’s tips. If you folks like it then I will decide if I should run more or not. In the mean time here is a quick freebie to keep the kids busy for Valentine’s Day. Happy searching!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we love word searches so I thought I would put together a speedy Valentines Day Word Search for readers to enjoy. I have been a fan of word searches ever since I was a kid. I used to take them to doctor’s appointments and I always had one on hand every time I had to go into the hospital for Crohn’s Disease as a youth. They pass the time, aren’t totally mindless and they are also a lot of fun. So happy hunting and Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Recently on our cruise we ended up doing a lot of fancy meal times with children. Now our children are both 10 and 13, but they still need incentives to keep them at the table and they struggle with sitting still and waiting. What kid doesn’t? So happy that we had some word searches packed and ready to pull out to do together when they began to get crazed or hyper. I still love a good word search to this day. Crosswords are fun too but these are my favourites.

You can use this one by right clicking and printing it. or you can click the link below and it will lead to a PDF version of the same Valentines Day Word Search.

Valentines Day Word Search.


Click on the link above to print the word search out easily.

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