Harry Potter Tech Gifts for Teens and Adults

My kids and my entire family are Harry Potter crazy. We started watching all of the movies together several years ago and have, in fact, seen them DOZENS of times. We never get tired of Harry, Ginny, Ron or Hermione. The stories are timeless in my opinion.


Odds are good that someone in my house will get a Harry Potter gift this season. And, of course, there’s also a strong likelihood that cover the holiday break when we take a break from skiing we will probably find a moment or two to replay the entire movie marathon. That can make for a great staycation actually.

Harry Potter Tech Gifts

The thing about having movies and brands that you adore is that you always have ideas on what to buy when it comes to gift giving. Harry Potter gifts are everywhere so you shouldn’t have any issues finding something that makes your Harry Potter fan a happy camper.

When it comes to gift-giving season, for birthdays or for I always know that Harry Potter tech gifts will make my Harry Potter loving tech geeks happy!

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Harry Potter Tech Gifts for Fans

  1. The Harry Potter Remote Control wand
  2. Mouse Pad Featuring Harry Potter
  3. A fun batch of Harry Potter Laptop decals – set
  4. Harry Potter computer decals – Glasses with Scar and Hair
  5. Mini Bell Jar Light – Harry Potter
  6. Mini Bell Jar Light – Hermione Granger Character
  7. Car decals for Deathly Hallows
  8. FUN Harry Potter Movie Scene Photography Backdrops – 9 by 6 feet!
  9. Harry Potter Coding Kit
  10. Plush Mandrake – Harry Potter Electronic Mandrake
  11. Electronic Marauder’s Map
  12. Magic Photo and Video Printer for Your Smartphone – Harry Potter Themed and so cute!
  13. The Talking Portrait Harry Potter Animated Room Alarm
  14. 32 GB Harry Potter USB stick
  15. A 32 GB Hermione Granger USB stick
  16. Portable 20 Questions Harry Potter by Mattel
  17. Harry Potter – Weasley’s Extendable Ear.
  18. Lumos Wand
  19. Hermione’s Light Painting Wand
  20. Hermione’s Illuminating Wand
  21. Deluminator Prop Lights Up – Looks like the one Dumbledore left to Ron.
  22. Gadget Decals – 27 pack
  23. Phone Case – I solemnly swear I am uptown no good

Don’t forget to check out this Harry Potter gifts post. It is mostly toys and clothing. So many great ideas!

How Big a Fan Are You?

Harry Potter? Hermione? Ron Ron? Who is your favourite of all the Harry Potter characters. I adore Hermione. She is a boss.

Now what house are you in?

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