Invisalignteen and a $7,000 Smile Contest #Giveaway

True story: I had braces when I was about 12. On the upper teeth only – which was more than enough. I had quite an overbite for most of my childhood and I also had eye teeth that stuck out of alignment with the rest of my top teeth. It was a super costly and painful period of time. I remember being outfitted with the braces and having them cemented on to my teeth. I still don’t like that idea. Anyways every month I would walk after school to the orthodontist and have those cute little elastics changed and the wires tightened. It hurt. Not like root canal hurt, but discomfort. I watched what I ate and didn’t have gum and well, I think I was too young for kissing, but those tiny wires and brackets were scratchy to say the least – not unlike a mouthful of barbed wire. And then there was the headgear – oh and the retainer. Ick! Nobody on earth has ever liked headgear. I spent two full years doing that routine.

Luckily there are more options now, for kids like mine who may need braces at some point. In fact I am more than certain my one daughter will need intense dental work. She somehow had an extra tooth and has extreme crowding. Tiny mouth. Tiny girl. Last year she needed three baby teeth removed. The future of her dental care looks extremely expensive. And challenging for all of us.
Anyways, lucky for her, advances have been made that are much more palatable (Ha! Little pun there) than the options I had when I was a tween.
Recently I learned about Invisalign Teen, an invisible series of mouth adjusters. They look a bit like a mouthguard, or those tiny clear trays you can whiten teeth with. Meaning they are inconspicuous and comfortable. Perfect for active teens who play sports. My kids are extremely active like many kids these days. You can learn more about Invisalign here and you can find out why it is so popular from the teen testimonials on the site. I like that these invisible aligners are removable and invisible. That works wonders for fragile growing self esteem of all teenagers regardless of gender. Also each treatment comes with six extra aligners in case they get misplaced. You can also check the site for offices where they specialize in Invisalignteen. I was pleasantly surprised when I called up London, Ontario and found at least two smile experts and orthodontists in about a 15 minute car drive from my home. How perfect is that.
Invisalignteen and Mom Central Canada are offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win a couple of really great prizes.
Thriftymommastips prize is: an Invisalignteen collapsible lawn chair.
To win that enter by Nov. 21st. Leave a comment here about someone you know who could use Invisalignteen.
Also Invisalignteen and Mom Central Canada are both partnering to offer one lucky Canadian winner a full treatment valued at $7,000. Your teen or tween could win a smile! And you could save a bundle!
Fill out the registration form and answer the survey. Note: All entries must be received for the $7,000 prize by Nov. 21st. Also unless your child is at least nine now, you are not eligible.
All images here courtesy of Invisalign.

Disclosure: I am practicipating in an InvisalignTeen blog tour with Invisalignteen and Mom Central Canada. I receive compensation and a few perks for posting about this topic. All opinions are my own.

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