GoldieBlox is Perfect for Girls #TMMGG2013

It’s time for another entry in my 2013 Best Toys of the season gift guide!!


                                      My kids are super lucky. That’s all I can say.

My girls are fortunate to have access to some of the coolest toys around and they get to try them out almost as soon as they hit the stores. Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machineis a building toy for girls that I had my eye on way back when I heard of the kickstarter project that got it off the ground. Started by a female who felt that girls didn’t have access to building toys and engineering skills, this toy has a narrative and is not entirely unlike perhaps the Rush Hour Think Fun games, but it also involved literacy and reading which girls excel at. Then it takes those skills and helps build spatial skills as well. GoldieBlox book walks girls through building a story. In reality as they are building the story they are also creating levers and pulleys. Now, my oldest girl has always been science girl. Sid the Science Kid has nothing on her. I once caught her trying to blow something up in the upstairs bathroom. I knew she’d like the idea of this toy, but I was a bit surprised that the toy that captured my Ainsley’s imagination was equally as interesting to a 12-year-old girl too. 
I heard about this toy months ago and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. My youngest is talented at a lot of things. She is athletic and she loves puzzles and math. She has sensory processing disorder and some special needs and from the time she was about three we discovered that she had an aptitude for building with plain wooden blocks. We found also that it was this magical tool that calmed her down. When she was on the verge of a meltdown we could sometimes distract her with plain wooden building blocks in a quiet corner. The day that GoldieBlox arrived I knew it wouldn’t wait until Christmas because we needed it now. That was a good call. 
For this post, I had trouble finding a picture of my girl where her hands aren’t a big blur. That’s what you call inspiration. Where inspiration meets energy –  that’s the perfect toy for my girls. GoldieBlox is for girls aged 6 and up. My girls haven’t stopped using it. I love the philosophy of the inventor herself – Debbie Sterling. So if you believe in girls and you want them to have access to equal opportunities in life in science and technology, this is the toy you need this year. 
My oldest girl is giddily waiting for the app apparently due out soon. There are accessory kits for GoldieBlox available now. I will purchase these this year to help this toy stay relevant and coveted and well used in out home. It’s rare I love a toy this much. GoldieBlox meets all my criteria. You can get this toy at MasterMind Toys. 

GoldieBlox is a toy you need to get your girls this Christmas. In fact I can think of a few I want to gift this to also. I love this toy philosophically as well. It’s a dynamite option for girls.

I was given sample product to faciliate this review. My opinion is all my own.

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