LinkedMoms chat Wednesday night: Weddings and Anniversaries


(My brother walked me down the aisle almost 20 years ago.)

There was  a time in my life when it seemed every season contained a wedding. That was a costly time. Buying presents. Time off work. Planning to book a motel for those out of town celebrations. Now sadly there are very few. More like every season contains a funeral lately as my older relatives pass away and my in laws too after lengthy battles with illness and cancer. There is no question in my mind which season I would much rather celebrate.

The last wedding I attended was my brothers actually and I think that was a good six or seven years ago now. It was a lovely affair hosted at the Elora Mill, a gorgeous spot nestled on the Elora Gorge, picturesque and memorable. During that time of weddings, a season of unions, I wish that we had been able to take more time to celebrate and enjoy the occasions for what they were – times of joy. This coming year I will celebrate a milestone anniversary. My good friend Margarita @downshifting_pos is also anticipating a monumental anniversary for her marriage as well. Because we are together #LinkedMoms, we decided this week’s chat should be all about weddings and anniversaries. So come join us Wednesday night as usual for our #LinkedMoms chat at 8 p.m. EST. where we will chat about all things romantic. Weddings and anniversaries. What do you usually do to celebrate? Will you travel? Where will you travel? If you were to plan a monumental celebration and take a week just for you and your partner what would that look like? Let’s have some fun and imagine where we want our weddings and anniversaries to take us!

You are cordially invited to our #LinkedMoms wedding chat Wednesday, June 20, 2012. RSVP not required. Where: Twitter When: 8 p.m. EST. See you there!

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