Healthy Satisfying Train Ride or Road Trip Snacks

When taking long trips, either by road or by train, it can be challenging to keep everyone nourished and rested. Most forms of public transportation, including trains, offer high calorie, heavily processed foods. And as for road trip snacks, even when you take a long ride by car together, you need to plan your stops and road trip snacks or you end up eating poorly and wasting a lot of money.

Why Do Healthy Road Trip Snacks Matter?

Without a stable arsenal of healthy and hearty options, your family can quickly find themselves tired, hungry, stressed, and lacking money. We take an annual drive to Vermont for a ski break together and we need to keep energy up for the drive. I’ve taken more than my share of train trips too.

A few good, and classic options are apples, carrots, bananas, pretzels, cereal bars, beef jerky, and tortilla chips, and dips like hummus or tzatziki.

One Snack For The Road

If you can bring along a small cooler, or lunch bag you could easily pack it with sandwiches cut into squares before the family leaves home. If you are taking snacks for a road trip then this is no problem at all. A small cooler will fit in most vehicles. Sandwiches can be bagged and stored and ready to go. Be cautious if you are bringing meats or anything containing mayonnaise. You don’t want them to be out of the fridge for too long. The same thing could be done for Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches being mindful of others around you and allergies too.

How About By Train?

Taking the train for a lengthy train ride? Then, your cooler needs to be portable. A lunch bag for everyone works too if people are independent and the lunch bags are small enough to carry.

These are just some standard and common ideas; however there are many other ideas that aren’t so cliche. Following are some details of some other delicious and family friendly healthy snacks.

Tasty and Healthy Family Friendly Road Trip Snacks

Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips

Kettle Baked chips come in many flavors, including Lightly Salted, Hickory Honey Barbecue, and Aged Cheddar. These chips are thin, crunchy, and are basted in a savory amount of seasoning. Kettle Baked chips are a good choice because they are all natural, have no hydrogenated oils or trans fats, no preservatives, no GMO ingredients, and no glutten. These chips can most definitely be found in a grocer near you. Use the “Store Locator” tab on the Kettle Brand site to find a store in any area.

Larabar Granola Bars

Larabar offers a range for scrumptious bars that are made of whole foods. One yummy bar made of unsweetened fruits is a new hit here. These bars include fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate, whole-grain rice, and natural spices. JamFrakas Bars are a wonderful option because they have no added sugars, or processed ingredients. You can get these bars in many different flavours, including Chocolate Chip, Banana Chocolate Blastocrisp, Strawberry Crispicrumptious, Peanut Butter, and Apple Crispalicious.

Laughing Cow Light Cheese 

Laughing Cow Cheese comes in boxes of individually wrapped triangles. They sell them in various sizes on Amazon. Each triangle is only 7 calories, with a 1/3 gram fat. Laughing Cow Cheese comes in various flavors, including Garlic Herb. These are wonderful when spread on crackers. I like them just on their own too without the crackers. 

Keep these in the cooler pack or insulated lunch bag and you will enjoy them. If you are in the US you can easily order from Amazon. If you are in Canada, hit the grocery store in person before you hit the road. 

Rice Crackers 

Rice Crackers are tasty and crunchy and even the flavoured ones are decent in terms of calories, fat and more. Spread Laughing Cow Cheese on if you want to make this a pretty healthy option.

Low Calorie Whole Grain Cracker Flats

Cracker Flats or thins are light crackers that are sometimes made with organic spelt flour. There are many variations and brands that make these. The best cheese to use with these is Laughing Cow spreads. You can buy these crackers in various flavors, including Garlic and Sea Salt.

Hummus and Pita

Hummus is a wonderfully healthy and delicious dip made from Chickpeas and Thai Spice. Spread Hummus and low fat cheese on Pita bread for an exquisite and filling lunch like snacks.

Veggie Straws or Veggie Chips

Veggie Straws are a crisp, flavorful, and healthy substitute for chips. This snack comes in a huge bag, full of various vegetable chips. The chips include spinach and tomato, ranch and rosemary basil flavour among others. Veggie Straws are incredible when dipped in Hummus. The added value is that Hummus makes these chips an even more nutrient packed snack. I love these best on their own and I enjoy these all year round as easy lunch bag options and not just roast trip snacks. 

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Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Crackers

These are so good! We only just discovered these in the winter when we were skiing and planning more travel. They make great car, train or road trip snacks. I like the seaweed variation the most. Mary’s Organic Crackers are made of seeds and seaweed and all the good things. They are certified organic and gluten free.

Easy Tasty Snacks Can Be Found

There are many many options for healthy and delicious road trip snacks for long journeys. These options only scratch the surface of a deep pool. Eat each of these snacks separately or mix and match them for added flavour and nutrients. Happy eating… and happy trails!

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