Max & Ruby in Nutcracker Suite #Christmas #Ldnont


It’s pretty easy to get the kids in the mood for the festive season with so many fantastic family shows on the stage this time of year. We were fortunate to get family passes to see Max & Ruby this year in the Nutcracker Suite at Centennial Hall. Although my kids have outgrown Nickleodeon, I was excited to take them to see this show because of the Nutcracker Suite element. Max & Ruby were staples in my kid’s viewing schedule (LOL) for several years when they were preschoolers. Max’s stubborn streak and his tunnel vision still makes us laugh. He reminds me of several preschoolers and toddlers I have known throughout the years. Ruby, as the big sister, is ever trying to direct her brother and control the situations that arise as they sing and dance through their day. Max & Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite is a lovely rendition of the traditional seasonal ballet. I enjoyed the dancing as much as my kids did in this particular show. The ballerina who plays the principal character is charming and talented and a joy to watch. I asked my oldest daughter what her favourite part was. She told me she was hypnotized by the costumes and the ballerina was gorgeous, but what she loved most was the interval during the show where numerous multi-cultural dancers take stage. Arabian dancers, Chinese dancers and Russian dancers all pirouette and cavort across the stage. Their flexibility is astonishing.

Max & Ruby are touring North America right now and well worth seeing. The dancing and the costumes and the cute family storyline is a great way to get your little people exposed to the music of Tchaikovsky. This is a gentle entry into the world of live entertainment. The show is about 90 minutes with an intermission and it is truly family friendly.

Max & Ruby bring to life a wonderful tradition this holiday season as they take to the stage their most magical performance yet! Inspired by one of the greatest musical scores ever composed – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite – the beloved bunny siblings star in Koba Entertainment’s brand new musical production Max & Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite.

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 Max and Ruby On Tour – they are heading to Kitchener, Cornwall and Montreal later this month.
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