Creating Families is on the Move #infertility

v style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Creating Families magazine is on the move. Creating Families, a well known resource for many people struggling with infertility, is going digital. Starting next month the well known magazine which was published for 10 years as the Canadian Journal of Infertility Awareness before becoming Creating Families in 2005, will be available on line in a mobile friendly flip book format. 
Creating Families will still contain expert physician columns, research articles and emotional patient stories and features. It will still be dedicated to upholding the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada’s mandate: supporting infertility patients and the support groups they need.
“We want to grow our readership further with this digital edition of Creating Families,” said Gloria Poirier, executive director of the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC).
IAAC represents thousands of patient members and helps connect people with support groups from coast to coast in Canada. There are currently 42 infertility support groups that IAAC helps to nurture across Canada. If you are a patient needing to connect to a support group the IAAC infertility support Facebook site, or web site is a great place to start. The move transitioning from print to digital will also free up more funds to be able to support the support groups ate the heart of what IAAC is all about. The web site, Facebook and Twitter channels have all become more active components of IAAC’s on line presence in 2013. 
This is the lineup of the articles for the 2013/2014 edition:
The Personal story:
–          Not my genes, but definitely my kids (a moving family building story about sperm donation)
–          L’infertilité par les circonstances de la vie  (child-free living)
Egg donation:  What you should know
Why Yoga for fertility?
CoQ10 and its role in aging eggs
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency:  how to deal with the diagnosis
Doula de fertilité ou d’infertilité (what can a doula bring to those who are TTC)?
The launch is slated for December 10th. Look for a bookmark at your nearest fertility clinic with the link to the first ever Creating Families digital edition. Poirier and IAAC note that reading habits have changed and it is a logical move for the magazine as more people carry their smart phones and iPads to the doctor’s office. Waiting rooms are filled with people using technology that makes accessing a digital magazine simple.
Stay tuned also for a survey on what you think of the new Creating Families magazine. Someone will win a gift card for filling the five minute survey out. Survey link is here. 

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