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Monday Mingle: Summer and Artists

Monday Mingle: June 6th, 2011 from paula schuck on Vimeo.

My favourite artist named Ainsley Schuck

The Sid Dickens tiles I spoke about 

Favourite artiste Payton Schuck
Soon to be shown at a gallery near you.

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  • Jenine

    I love your kids’ art. 🙂

    I must have missed that Friends episode but it sure makes sense. I guess that’s why I don’t actually use baths to get clean. Just to relax. I use showers to actually get clean. I guess that sort of inefficient but that’s how I roll.

    I think I’d love to do a lot of day trips as well this summer. I really want us to take the girls to see some museums and so forth. There’s so much to do where I live but the problem is it get so blasted HOT.

    Nice meeting you and have an excellent week!