New York, New York: Ten Tips for Visiting New York

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In case you live under a rock, well you might not have heard that mama went to New York this summer, Yes, summer. Almost two months back now. It was this tiny affair called Blogher 12, oh about 4,500 Bloggers or so. Here we are in the Fall and I promised myself I would post this spectacular adventure for all of you to benefit from or oogle over. So this is me here with Eileen (@Mom_chat) my very good friend and a really lovely gal.

Anyways I found my peace, my groove, my mojo and my peeps in New York. Gotta wonder why it took me so long to visit the Big Apple. It was love.


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After endless flight delays and a trip there with Stephanie @sassymodernmom and @shelaghcummins Shelagh Cummins and a bit of weather it was full on sensory overload as we hit Time Square. It was exhilarating and completely worth every second of planning and flight delays. Times Square is a must. From where we stayed at the Hilton Avenue of the Americas, this was a very short walk. TV screens and ads everywhere and police too.

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More Times Square. Several friends and relatives have asked me for my suggestions since I got back and really I found New York a breath of fresh air. I loved it and found it easy to walk most places, cleaner than I ever imagined actually and full of potential. Times Square is bustling at all hours, but it is also a great spot to find sales and to get theatre tickets. The tickets can be purchase right in Times Square underneath the staircase. (See that first shot where I look all happy. I am standing on a big staircase. Beneath it there is a legitimate ticket sales spot. )

My First New York Tip: Don’t buy from scalpers, buy them here.

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Good Lord I love this shot. I had no idea it was this good. Anyways these are the streets of Manhattan. Most beautiful vibrant spot I may ever have visited. We did many great parties at Blogher and most were on rooftops. There are cabs that take you everywhere. The drivers are almost all crazed drivers. Buckle up and get used to it. But now, are you ready for tip number 2??

New York Tip Number 2: Don’t get into a cab that isn’t clearly marked as a cab. (ie, looks yellow as above) We almost did and it might not have gone so well. This post might have been very different, let’s say.

blogher 2012 138

New York Tip Number 3: Wear Comfortable Shoes

You will walk a lot. Period. Full stop.

New York Tip Number 4: Bring some sexy hot heels that are in season and a wee bit outrageous. They will hurt your feet, yes it’s true, but damn you will look good. And really if you can’t wear them here then where are you going to wear them?

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New York Tip Number 5: Take a picture of this guy. The Naked Cowboy.

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New York Tip Number 6: Find a random celebrity and take their picture.

New York Tip Number 7: Don’t Leave your phone at home, or your camera.

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New York Tip Number 8: Sleep can wait. For reals! You’re in New York, lady!

New York Tip Number 9: The line up at the Empire State building is epic. If you want to see it plan on spending a whole night there. It may be worth it, but holy stink don’t wear the sexy shoes. Just saying. We waited so long and went up so many elevators and yes, I am glad we went with fabulous @downshiftingPOS but wowsers all night!!

New York Tip Number 10: See a play or do something unsual for you. You are in New York. There is an epic adventure waiting to happen. Seize the moment.

And after all that, well go do it all again, the next time you come back. Because you will be back, hooked, just as I am.

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