A Call For Vlogs and Films: IF Festival #OHIP4IVF #infertility #onpoli

 This is your invitation to pick up your iphone and get creative. Conceivable Dreams has launched the IF film festival and we need your help. Let’s show the Ontario government and the greater community what infertility looks like. Pin your videos, post them here in a comment, or upload to Youtube. Don’t forget to leave us a link.

 I blogged here a couple of weeks ago about my new role as Community manager for Conceivable Dreams, an advocacy-based organization for parents and parents in waiting who want Ontario to have better support for people struggling with infertility. Their vision is clear: they want to see public and private systems support infertility as a medical condition. Conceivable Dreams also wants to create awareness about in vitro fertilization and to challenge systems like OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to provide help financially, morally and emotionally. Campaigns and stories are always so much more powerful when they are told with pictures. So, with that in mind, Conceivable Dreams has launched a film festival of its own. Now that TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival) is done, with film as our inspiration, we invite you to take part in the IF, Infertility Film Festival. Pick up your iPhone, or video camera and make your film as long or short as you wish. Put your feelings about infertility into words or pictures and tell the world what it means to you, then tell them what it would mean to have government support for IVF. We will collect submissions and launch them at an on line event near the time of the Academy Awards. I have collected a couple of great examples of vlogs, and documentaries about infertility. One is here, by Keiko Zoll. The rest are on the Pinterest OHIP4IVF boards. See the IF festival board on Pinterest for more inspiration. And in the mean time if you want to show support visit some members of the Conceivable Dreams blog team and leave a comment on any of the posts they write.

 Some are here:

 Heather Oliver Hamilton @TJZmommy 

 Sheri McDonald @kidsumers 

Danielle Donders @danigirl 

 Paula Schuck @inkscrblr 

 Tamara McPherson @wondermoms 

 Warren @urbandaddyblog 

and @listen2lena 

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