No More Naked Gadgets – Gelaskins Review

I skinned my computer with Gelaskins and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I had been looking for a decent way to make a skin for my laptop that would show off my brand as a blogger attending conferences and other events. I truly could have used this one year ago when I headed to Type A Mom conference for the first time ever. But at that time I searched high and low and couldn’t come up with anything that would work. So my laptop was naked, save for a silver Toshiba emblazoned across the black. So when I got a request for a review of a Gelaskin last month, well I knew what I wanted. So I headed on over to and I browsed the many cute and unique artworks and thought for a bit about whethere I wanted Little Miss Sunshine or Little Miss Stubborn from the Little Mister and Little Miss series on the skin. Or did I want a Marvel comics inspired design?
Just a couple of my favourite art options for the Gelaskins

There are so many options for artwork. Pretty much any device you might wish to have skinned can be dressed up for a good price. My daughter looked at the Nintendo DS options and she liked several. You can even skin your Wii. But I won out when I realized I could upload a picture from my blog and then lay over a graphic of some sort with Picnik, a picture editing program I really enjoy. So I watched the handy video guide under the Create Your Own tab on the site and I learned how to design my own skin, with custom adhesive technology from 3M that makes it bubble proof and removable if you want to change it. (So easy. You lay it on once and it sits perfectly. Love 3M for that kind of detail too.) Then I went to the Start a New Project drop down tab underneath that and I clicked on the laptop make and size. You can do all of this also for any other device like a Kobo or a Kindle or a Nook or an Iphone. I measured my laptop at least four times by myself. My kids measured too for perfect results. My laptop is an oddball size so I had the specifics entered in to make sure it would be perfect and then I sent the order away. Lickety split within two days I had the final version here and on my computer. This was exactly the kind of thing I was seeking one year ago. The picture turned out even clearer than I imagined it would be at that size. The total for a laptop skin is $29.99. Shipping and taxes are extra. The Gelaskins are made in Toronto so I also supported a Canadian product and that made me happy. Gelaskins protect your device with a durable anti-scratch anti-UV coating. More importantly it makes it look good. So have fun. The process is simple and the site is easy to use. My only issue was one of choice and that frankly is a good problem to have. Too many choices. In fact, so many that I am certain I will be back to skin my naked Kobo.

How adorable are these ereaders now?

Another lovely little feature of Gelaskins is that you can also order them for someone else. What better gift for the person who has every device in the book…for your gadget guy or certificates available.

Gelaskins are a $$$$1/2 out of $$$$$ and the service was amazing. Prices range with my big laptop skin being the most expensive at $29.99. What an awesome and smart product for the company too. Now, whenever someone asks me at a conference where did I got my great skin I get to tell them about Gelaskins. Because I like to share, especially great service.

I was provided with a store credit to purchase a product of my choice. This in no way impacted my honest opinion of the product.

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