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Off the Beaten Path in Michigan #Travel

off the beaten path

We all know Michigan is a beautiful state. From their wineries to the Upper Peninsula, its beauty is hard to match. However, to really see Michigan, you need to head off the beaten path. Rather than the hitting the spots that everyone knows about, head off the beaten path to find a world you never imagined could be in Michigan.

Lansing Michigan - river walk seen during the sunrise
Lansing Michigan – river walk seen during the sunrise

Off the Beaten Path is far More Amazing

Everybody and their brother knows that Michigan is the wine country of the Midwest. Many people visit the numerous vineyards and tastings that are offered when they visit Michigan, but if you head off the beaten path, you’ll find so much more.

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Kitch-iti-kipi, Manistique

Kitch-iti-kipi is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring. Native Americans called it the “Mirror of Heaven”, and it’s easy to see why. It’s gorgeous waters are a clear aquamarine that you’d expect to find in the Caribbean, not in Michigan.

Torch Lake

Situated near Torch Lake Township, Alden, and Milton Township, Torch lake is one of the most beautiful bodies of water you’ll find in Michigan. Its crystal clear waters remind one of a gorgeous day on the gulf, which runs counterpoint to its rustic cabins and docks.

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Old Mariner Church, Detroit

Located just outside of the Detroit-Windsor tunnel, this 170 year old church owes its fame to Gordon Lightfoot’s mentioning of it in “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. This gorgeous, gray stone church looks more like a castle than a place of worship. It even has a tower.

Arcadia Dunes

Arcadia Dunes are the perfect place for any nature lover to get off the beaten path. It’s beautiful sandy beaches, and crisp water press hard against beautiful, tree populated dunes.

Donckers, Marquette

Located in Marquette Michigan, this over a century old establishment is the perfect place to grab breakfast and lunch, and when you’re finished you can grab any number of delicious candies and treats for desserts. They’re all hand crafted at Donckers.

Ocqueoc Falls

Heading off the beaten path will lead you to these beautiful falls, located near Millersburg, Bismarck Township. Although not very large, these are the only falls in the Lower Peninsula, and it’s a lovely sight to behold.

Old Town Lansing

You may not think of Lansing, when you think of Michigan travel, but that’s what makes going off the beaten path so great. Old Town Lansing is a charming spot with a little something for everyone. It has a number of galleries, restaurants, and live music.

Off the Beaten Path is the Path to Travel in Michigan

Michigan is a gorgeous place, and while many spots are know, many more are less frequented by tourists. Heading off the beaten path will lead you to places of unimaginable beauty that you never knew existed. So if you’re going to Michigan, head off the beaten path and discover the real beauty to be found in the state.

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