IVF funding in Ontario 2015
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One Year Later: Happy Anniversary to Infertility Patients And What is Happening with IVF Funding in Ontario 2015

IVF funding in Ontario
One year later – IVF funding in Ontario

One year ago so many infertility patients in Ontario breathed a huge sigh of relief. I remember ecstatic voices and many tears too. I remember this post from last year and the patient reactions. It was an exciting time to be involved in this advocacy effort striving to generate support and IVF funding for infertility patients in Ontario. When the announcement came I remember being here watching it all unfold on television. Right before an election was called. The election plunged everyone into a period of high activity, anxiety and nerves too. It was a roller coaster ride added to the already brutally bumpy ride that is the infertility journey.

Such a challenging time for all. Would IVF be funded or not? Would we lose it in an election. Everyone in the Ontario infertility community was concerned. But, as we now know, the Ontario government came back stronger than ever in numbers and in resolve and they announced publicly again that IVF would be funded and healthy families are a goal for Ontario. IVF Funding in Ontario 2015 was still within reach once the election ended.

So where are we at one year later?

Is the Ontario IVF funding program 2015 still coming? It’s the question I get asked every day. It’s one of the most searched terms here on this blog. It is clearly on every infertility patient’s mind in the province of Ontario.

I can tell you Yes we have every indication the Ontario IVF funding program 2015 is still coming as promised this year.

I can tell you that Conceivable Dreams patient members are involved on the advisory board working to develop IVF Funding in Ontario 2015 with government. Patient members are at the table giving valuable feedback. They are advising on things like what shape this policy will take, and what eligibility criteria will be in place. They are meeting regularly.

I can tell you that infertility patients in Ontario and members of Conceivable Dreams continue to advocate daily on line and in person.

[tweetthis]There are many things patients can do while waiting for the 2015 IVF funding program #ivf4on #onpoli[/tweetthis]

I can tell you that the best advice still is to follow the instructions of your fertility treatment team. Do not delay. If they agree that you need IVF and should not wait, then please follow the treatment plan.

[tweetthis]the best advice still is to follow the instructions of your fertility treatment team #ivf4on #onpoli[/tweetthis]

I can tell you that Conceivable Dreams board is meeting constantly, sometimes monthly and sometimes biweekly to decide what is the role now? Until the program is here, ready for patients to access, in many ways the role is the same as it always was. Advocacy and support are the most important goals of the group still. Conceivable Dreams, the Ontario infertility patient advocacy and support group, is still grateful, excited and happy that Ontario IVF Funding program 2015 will help many patients become families. We are also hopeful that the government will share a timeline soon.

In the Meantime What Can You Do?

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As we also gear up for Infertility Awareness Month remember to follow us on twitter for more information and join us tweeting about IVF funding in Ontario 2015 and 2016 too. Look for an upcoming twitter chat to be announced here soon. We share infertility news on the twitter channel with #ivf4on #onpoli hashtags.

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Stay hopeful! Happy Anniversary!

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