Our First Ever Family Trip to Disney


I remember this as if it was yesterday. Our first ever family trip to Disney was a super special memory for all of us to treasure now and for life. Disney is a rite of passage and a journey that everyone hopes to take at some point in their lives.

Our First Visit to the Magic Kingdom

I felt like posting this Throwback Thursday today.

Lately, I am craving travel madly. Craving travel to Disney even more than usual. I miss the happiest place on earth. Plus I think we need a break. Anyways this was our first family Trip to Disney. Ainsley was four and Payton was six. It was wonderful. We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans and everything was perfect about the stay, the resort, the week away, the weather, the rides.


It was pure fun. As long as I live I will remember the day that Ainsley in her chaos and pure enthusiasm diving straight into a hot tub. Leaping as if it were a normal pool and then looking up at me an arm’s length away standing there to haul her out by the arm. Her face was stretched into a look of simple shock. What the Fresh Hell is this, it said. Pure Ainsley. 

Equally memorable was the ferry ride over to Downtown Disney. That followed by the afternoon that Payton had her hair done at Bippity Boppiddi Boutique. Love. So many great memories all bundled up in that one vacation. It was the year that we lost Jim’s Mom, and that was a tragedy that we needed to combat with some magic and family time.

Disney was the perfect thing at the perfect time.


If you want to learn more about stays at Disney here’s a post I wrote about best hacks for Disney travel


So, have you been to Disney? What was your favourite memory from the trip?

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