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Parker IM Gift of Writing and #MothersDay #giveaway

This Mother’s Day has me thinking hard about what to give, or share with my Mom, and the many Moms I know. Flowers? Well, that’s a given. Dinner out? That’s a standard date every Mother’s Day especially since my Mom moved to London. But beyond that, what says: “I love you and thanks.”
When I was a teenager and my Mom was hunting for something unique to give me, she would often buy a fancy keepsake pen, the kind that lasts and is built to be treasured for years. When I graduated my Mom gave me a small gift cheque because she was so proud that the first person in our family had completed university and along with that came a Parker pen. I was pretty much always going to be a writer, so what could be a more fitting gift than a pen?
This year, things are stable again here despite the rocky road that was my Mom’s health care crisis. She lives nearby and we have a closer relationship than ever. But, being close to my Mom, also means I see the daily struggles and health care blips that are part and parcel of Alzheimer’s. So, there are days I can see she forgets more than usual, and days I can see her hand isn’t as steady as it used to be. Many times she recalls long ago things like the day I graduated.  
One thing my Mom still really treasures and holds close are the friends that do not live nearby. So, she writes them often. She is traditional that way and still really enjoys putting words down on a well chosen greeting card and sending an old fashioned letter. She has learned to write in the morning when she is less fatigued and when her hand is more steady. At Christmas, I gave her a journal to write the day’s events in so we can also keep up with the events that I don’t see while I am working. She jots down her doctor’s appointments, her strength classes and she even notes who has called that day. 
I am very proud that she tries to write and she engages her friends still. It’s a past-time and a skill I want her to keep enjoying and doing. The simple act of putting pen to paper helps my Mom to stay mentally active and keep exercising her cognitive abilities for as long as she is able. So, what could be a more perfect gift for her than this gorgeous keepsake? 
Parker IM has a high quality finish and a unique chiseled decor. This Parker IM shown above has chrome trim and fine straight lines creating a graphic pattern. It writes effortlessly and is smooth and easy to grip. It’s not a tiny pen, but substantial, making its presence known and not hard to hold onto which is ideal for a senior citizen. Plus, this is the kind my Mom is so used to using.
Parker offers a full range of models from fountain pen, to ballpoint and roller ball. Did you know 2013 is the 125th anniversary of Parker pens? 
The PARKER IM, along with many other models of Parker pens, is available at fine writing specialty stores throughout Canada as well as Basics, Wallacks, Novexco, Staples, Boutique Du Stylo, Charals, Le Parchemin and Staples with prices ranging from $32 to $80 depending on the model of choice. For more information, visit  

You can give one to your Mother too. Just follow the instructions below to win. 
Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

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