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My Week Away from Twitter – Mostly #travel

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I’m baaaack. Yes, Twitter you magnificent little vehicle for messaging, connecting, advertising, marketing, promoting and building friends I am back. I took a week off twitter, well mostly off twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media, because of these guys. We haven’t had a vacation in over one year and let’s just say it won’t be that long next year. Kids grow too fast and Mom and Dad well, with work, school, extra-curriculars and so forth we were just a wee bit overextended there at the end of March. So I jumped at a holiday booked for us. I prepared some posts and scheduled some client updates to occur in my absence but my kids needed me present for our holiday and I listened, partly because they asked me and because I like a challenge. In 100 % honesty, I was a bit worried I couldn’t do it. 
See my friends know my iphone is like my third hand. Miss @cyngagen and @downshiftingpro may have mocked me once or twice at last year’s Blissdom for never putting the gadget down and holding it while eating. I think one of them advised: “It’s not a utensil.” My family tolerate it because it is my job, my passion, and the way I write and tell stories. But still. 
Twitter is my livelihood and social media is 24/7 if you do it well, so I wondered if I could manage. I had plans to take no gadgets with me, but my iPhone camera. Then at last minute when a client pointed out that scheduled tweets were in poor taste if a major disaster or event happened, I hauled a netbook away in event I needed to do crisis management. Happy to say, I didn’t crack it once. And, as for twitter, I mostly kept my promise. I checked on accounts twice and I posted 2 pictures to Instagram. And I was happy to have some access to twitter when I needed to locate the airline and fix our messed up accommodations. That is a whole other post about vacation disappointments. So, I am back and I succeeded in leaving social media for a week – mostly. Because connecting with family is more important than tweets and posts and shares and money. Every once in awhile we all need a little break to remember that. 
Do you turn off your feeds when you travel with family?

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  • Skees

    We don’t have a choice! Usually camping somewhere where there is no cell coverage and we don’t usually pay for an electrical site. We do have a net book with us, but it is only used if DH gets a call from work about an issue he needs to resolve. This has only happened 2x in 6 years. So when we go camping we unplug almost completely.

    Glad to see you did it! Sure the girls and your DH were happy to have your undivided attention. We’ll talk soon!