All Your Favourite Memories Close to the Heart

If a picture is worth a thousand words then these gorgeous personalized photo blankets are priceless. And they should be. Here are 95 pictures of our travels, her plays, one graduation, two martial arts gradings, birthdays and so many celebrations. The moments of a childhood.

When I found out about these personalized photo blankets from I decided I wanted to make one for my oldest daughter. It was pretty simple to make, uploading pictures to a collage template on the web site. The hardest part was finding the right photos to add. When the final personalized gift arrived here this week I was excited to see how it turned out and maybe a bit hopeful. I hoped it showed exactly what I wanted to. In fact I have rarely been this invested in a gift.


See, it won’t be that much longer before she leaves for college or university. It’s almost her last year of high school. And while I hope for her to do a Victory Lap, even if she does take an extra year to take more courses and travel it’s still a short two years to go before she spreads her wings.


I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that makes me emotional. As happy as I am to see her growing and finding her passion, I will miss both of my girls when they move out. So how to bridge that gap and the time from now until then?

These gorgeous blankets are an easy way for someone to bring a touch of home with them wherever they go. Wrap yourself up in the warm embrace of home with a plush photo blanket with loved ones printed on it. Gift one to someone you love. That’s why I got one for my daughter from Collage. Their personalized photo blankets make it easy for loved ones to carry their family and their memories with them anywhere.


Personalized Photo Blankets Hold a Special Place for Me

At this point in parenthood, photo blankets like this hold an extra special place in my heart. I got one for my oldest daughter thinking of a couple of different things. My sweet older girl has anxiety. She struggles with it sometimes and being cocooned up with a blanket is calming and soothing. She’s also 17, which means two things – she loves sleep like many teenagers and she’s just about ready to head off to college or university. I have no idea where she’ll go, but even the closest college is still not our home.

I’m so proud of the woman my daughter is becoming, but I’m also just a touch heartsick when I think about her venturing off into the world without me. Both of my girls are also my friends, my travel companions and my favourite people in the world.

It’s bittersweet growing children. They are the only things we grow that are forever walking away from us. A little bit each day and then all of a sudden. I want my daughter to know we are here for her always even when we are separated by time, college or university. That’s where the blanket comes in. Personalized photo blankets like this one are keepsakes and this can travel with her wherever she goes. So I’ll feel like I’m with her, too. No matter what, we’ll always be together, and I think that makes both of us feel better.


Personalized Photo Blankets for Everyone

I ordered my daughter a photo blanket filled with shots of the trips our family has taken together, as well as images of positive inspirational quotes. And there are a few shots of her performing in several of the plays she’s been in since starting theatre. There are also a few snippets of Grandma and pets that we can no longer see or touch.

I feel like it’s the perfect way to keep us in her heart and keep her motivated and positive no matter what life throws at her. They’re so sweet and easy to make, I plan on ordering something similar for my younger daughter, as well. I can honestly say when I opened this package of the completed blanket I almost started to cry. To me it’s perfect. Just like her.

When I gave her this present this week she was surprised and we sat for a bit and reminisced about all the photos. Cousins, trips, skiing together, seeing her plays. Memories that are happy and super sentimental. The plush fleece blanket at 60 by 80 is super soft and large enough to curl up underneath and be completely covered.

Before I reminded her to get back to doing her homework she told me: “Mom, this blanket is happiness to me.”

So, I think it hit the mark precisely as intended.

With Collage, you can order personalized photo blankets to gift someone you love. Fill your collage with photos or mix it up with a few inspirational quotes as I did. These are the perfect gift for family and friends to keep loved ones, special events, and special places in their hearts. These will melt someone’s heart this year.

So back to what I was saying at the start of this post. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, my beautiful new gift to my daughter with 95 photos is 95,000 words and it is EVERYTHING this week.

Like the idea of making your own? Enter for a chance to win one to gift to someone you love. Follow the directions below. 

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