GForce movie review.

When Jerry Bruckheimer meets Disney I am not sure it’s always good. At least not for children. I took my two girls to see GForce in 3D yesterday afternoon at the new Westmount VIP cinema in London and was somewhat taken aback by the aggressive testosterone-fuelled children’s movie, which wasn’t really for children, but more for tweens. Multiple explosions I could stand. The really cool graphics with three dimensional effects were super. But the plot was a bit over the top. When the robots and appliances came alive I thought my daughter, 5, would ask to leave, but she held my hand and endured. However, when a teenage boy came to the pet shop where the GForce team had landed and picked up a guinea pig and shot him across the room as if playing lacrosse, only to have the dear character land in a snake cage she came perilously close to tears. Thankfully the guinea pig survived. But I am starting to wonder as a savvy consumer if Disney has ever heard of a thing called adoption. Surely there must be someone writing for the company that’s a: either adopted or b: knows someone who is adopted. I mean really there are thousands of adoptees in Canada alone. Then there are the parents who pay for the moviegoing experience like me. Perhaps they might even pay one of us to tell them when and where lines are inappropriate. I take my children to the movies to be entertained, sometimes it’s a family event, a reward even for doing great work at home, for listening really well and picking up their clothes. I don’t take them to a movie to be made fun of, offended, upset or even to be reminded of differences they already deal with on a pretty regular basis. So when a character, guinea pig or otherwise, is told that he was rescued from a pet shop and wasn’t adopted because he was the runt of the litter, it raises an eyebrow. And when the same character in a children’s movie then goes on to say: “my own parents didn’t even want me” both my eyes are buggier than those of the talking guinea pigs in the movie. Now granted animals are animals and children are in fact little human beings. Granted also that these were talking guinea pigs fithting crime, so I was prepared to leave realism at the door. GForce is a 3D movie and the effects are cool for older children perhaps but my five-year-old found the whole thing kind of scary. Three guinea pigs and one mole are trained to be special agents, or so they think, and they are given a secret FBI mission. Cute right? But eventually a secret communication chip inside coffee makers throughout the world comes alive and the machines transform into deadly weapons. My eight-year-old ensured me she enjoyed it (this is a picture of her guinea pig Cottonball), but I did not. Maybe that’s because I know I’ll be doing damage control at her school when the legions of children, classmates of hers take the line they’ve heard in the movie and apply it to her asking why her parents didn’t want her?
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