Planning an Off-Season Disney World Vacation to Save You Money

Believe it or not Disney World doesn’t have to be expensive. One excellent way to enjoy all that Disney offers while still maintaining a budget is planning an off-season Disney World Vacation. Visiting your favorite Disney location on the off-season not only reduces the crowds, it also saves you money.

Keep the following Disney travel tips in mind when planning the trip. You’ll probably save even MORE money… YAY!

This is actually the only way we have ever done our trips to Disney. I am a deal hunter when it comes to planning affordable family vacations and I need to make my money go as far as possible when we travel. So, Disney off season is the only way to go as far as I am concerned.



Planning an Off-Season Disney World Vacation

Pick the Perfect Time

Whether you opt for Disney World, Disneyland or another Disney park, they tend to be at their busiest when school is out. This makes perfect sense, right? So, schedule permitting, avoid going during the summer months and holiday breaks.

January and May are often considered to be ideal times to enjoy a quieter adventure at Disney World. In fact they are perfect months for Off-Season Disney World. Take time to verify there aren’t any special events going on during you’re preferred time frame. Otherwise, there’s still the potential for large crowds even when you decide to visit in the low season. We have found mid to late April to be excellent that way as well. Twice we visited in April due to my daughter’s sensory processing disorder.


Go in With a Plan

In order to get the most out of each day you spend at Disneyland or WDW, it’s important to plan out as much of your trip as possible. Fortunately, Disney offers several resources to help families prepare for their upcoming magical adventure.

Requesting a DVD from the official Disney website is totally recommended. This free resource is jam-packed with tons of planning info that not only assists you in putting everything together; it gets your whole group even more excited as well. Another great option is to download the My Disney Experience app, available on Google Play or the App Store. The versatile tool helps you plan your vacation and stick to your itinerary once the fun begins.

Stay Off-Site

Staying in a Walt Disney resort is sure to keep the magic going even after you leave the park for the day. However, booking your stay there is generally rather pricey. To remedy this, simply choose a nearby off-site hotel with better rates. This can be a good way to save money any season but it works brilliantly if your mission is Off-Season Disney World.

Even after you factor in extra transportation costs, you still come out a winner almost every time. If you’re visiting Disney for a special occasion such as a birthday or honeymoon, don’t be afraid to mention the fact to a front-desk staff member. He or she may be willing to offer some type of discount or help you to find other local services at lower rates.

Use this fun cryptic message if you plan to surprise the kids with Disney this year!!


Bring Snacks

Although it wasn’t always the case, Disney parks now allow guests to bring snacks inside the gates. Large backpacks are perfect for this! Keeping energizing snack food on hand really aids in eliminating impulse buys when hunger strikes. In addition, supply everyone in your group with reusable water bottles. Refill them (at no cost) at various quick-service restaurants and water stations conveniently located throughout all of the parks.

Pack Everything You Need For Off-Season Disney World Vacation Memories

The more detailed you are with your packing list, the less chance of forgetting something you’re really going to need later. Purchasing these essentials on the trip takes money out of your budget that could no doubt be used on other things.

However, there is good news! You don’t need to worry about basic first aid supplies on your Disney vacation. In the event of minor injury, supplies to include Band-Aids, aspirin, cough drops, thermometer strips, Powerade, tissues, EpiPens (and a whole lot more) are all available at various first aid stations scattered around the park.


A Final Word or Two About Off-Season Disney World

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to save money on an off-season Disney World vacation. But, it’s a good place to start. As a rule, the more time you devote to initial planning and research, the better off your trip finances will be!


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