STEM Camp – The Perfect Way for Kids to Spend the Summer

STEM Camp is an amazing way to keep the learning spark lit all summer. Over the years both of my kids have benefited from summer camp. Summer camp is a wonderful way to stay engaged and excited about learning even when school is out. And the social benefits of camp are strong too. Summer camps are a wonderful way for kids to mingle with their peers in a fun, safe environment, and STEM camp adds an extra layer to that experience.

So what’s unique about this camp. Well, this is no indoor routine classroom setting. This camp offers a setting that allows kids to have a ton of fun while they learn in a hands on manner about science, technology, engineering and math. It’s about exploring, not textbooks. Both of my kids are kinaesthetic learners, meaning hands on doing things, works best to reinforce a concept.


I wish this camp had been around early enough for both of my girls to have benefitted, but the good news is you can still give your kids the edge with this amazing camp.

Why Kids Love STEM Camp

STEM Camp gives all kids a safe environment in which they can learn and make new friends all summer long. It fosters a sense of independence while ensuring that academic and social skills don’t get rusty over the summer. A safe environment for exploration is key.

One big concern often for parents always is the level of staffing and the criteria for counsellors. In fact Stem Camp hires mostly post-secondary students who are enthusiastic about science, technology, math and engineering. They are passionate about the topics, highly qualified, and always good with children too.


With Stem Camp, your kids can learn, make new friends, and really engage in life instead of being parked in front of a game console all summer long. It’s an incredible experience for them that offers benefits that last well outside of the camp experience. And as most of us have read STEM learning provides students with an edge in an ever changing economy.


All About STEM Camp

STEM Camp has over 40 locations in Ontario, so chances are there’s one near you. This not for profit camp is based out of Embro, Ontario and offers summer camps that strive to inspire Canadian youth. Through hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in both English and French, they provide learning experiences that are fun and engaging, not boring and drab. Check Stem Camp locations here.


STEM Camp Themes

Fact or Fiction: Weeks one and five are devoted to Fact of Fiction. Full of amazing things that may or may not be fact in the world of STEM, children will be encouraged to recreate these scenarios to determine if they are fact or fiction.

Space Week: Weeks two and six are devoted to space. In conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency, STEM Camp offers activities the encourage children to look up at the stars in a new way. There may even be some special guests.

Medieval Times: From sword making to how to cook “medieval style”, weeks three and seven offer kids the chance to see just how STEM played a role in the lives of human beings even back then.

Wonders of the World: Weeks four and eight are all about the wonderful things that both nature and humans have created. From building and designing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon to learning about how humans have survived in diverse Biomes using shelters or how they’ve stopped erosion with huge engineering undertakings, the kids learn all about the wonder of our world.


STEM Camp is the Ultimate in Learning Fun

STEM Camp is one of the best ways your child can spend their summer months. This immersive camp is all about making learning fun and exciting, and that’s really the best gift we can give our kids. From exploring medieval times to learning about space, STEM camp keeps kids interested and engaged. Visit the STEM Camp website for more information, specific locations, and more.

And you can Register here:

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This post is part of a series of posts sponsored by Stem Camp this season. I received compensation for promotional content; however, my opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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  • Jeanette

    I have never been a huge fan of summer camps but this is the exception to that. I think that camp like this would be a lot of fun and they can learn so much before they get back to school.

  • Candy

    I am out of the loop when it comes to summer camps for kids. This sounds like it would be fun and educational for the kids to attend.

  • Tomi C

    These themes are sure to keep kids engaged and learning throughout the Summer. A lot of kids miss out on educational activities during the summer and hence get the dreaded Summer Slide. STEM camps like this will keep kids learning so they’ll be ready when the new school year begins.

  • Melissa Chapman

    I am a believer in keeping kids learning during the summmer even though they need to have fun too. STEM is very important and is a great basis for kids to learn all subjects.

  • Heather

    This sounds like a lot of fun! It sounds like something my daughter would love- and Would be fun as well as educational.

  • Jenn

    I love this so much! I wish I could back in time and sign my girls up for this every summer when they were young.

  • Karen Morse

    A camp like this will get them interested more in STEM and that’s definitely something that the kids can benefit from even when they grow up. It would be great for parents to consider sending their kids here!

  • Glamamom

    Send me, please! What a great opportunity for children to stay challenged and engaged throughout the summer. The themes look really fun and creative.

  • Franc Ramon

    STEM Camp can really give kids a learning opportunity on their break. It would add to their social skills and also help them be creative by the different themes of the camps.

  • chubskulit rose

    I was encouraging my daughter to do this but she wasn’t interested. She didn’t want to spend the summer doing other things, she love spending time with us.

  • Carol Cassara

    Spending summer learning more about STEM is awesome for the kids! This camp is super cool and it offers a lot for the kids as well. I think it’s a great choice for summer camp.

  • Bohemian Babushka

    Those STEM camp topics look BUENISIMO! Being a follower of Spanish Golden Age, the Medieval Classes call to Babushka. Pity they don’t have them in Florida. BB2U

  • Monica

    I think it’s a great idea to keep the kids relatively busy during the summer and the STEM camp programs sound perfect! I love that they are outside and my favourite programs would be the SPACE weeks!

  • Tiffany Collins

    My boys would be all over this. I love anything hands on that really gets them thinking.