Refresh Your Wardrobe with These Buttery Soft Leggings

Every so often your wardrobe just needs an infusion of something special. That’s exactly what we needed here this month. And happy to report I found an affordable stylish super soft women’s clothing web site with some gorgeous pieces.

Legart’s buttery soft leggings come in every print imaginable. There are sporty women’s leggings, tunics, soft capri pants and full length pants. All have one thing in common: the softest materials.



Oh and did I mention their dresses and tops? LOVE the range of colours and the easy feminine cuts. Plus these clothing pieces are versatile, fun and durable.

June and July are birthday months here. It seems from the start of June through end of July we are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. So what’s the problem, Paula? Sounds like fun, right?

It is absolutely a lot of fun. But, it’s also easy to run out of present ideas especially when it comes to husbands and teenage daughters. These clothes won’t solve my annual what do I buy my husband issue, LOL….but they do take care of the women in this house.

Happily I found Legart’s cute leggings and women’s clothing just in time for birthday central season. My kids are young adults now. One wears a uniform for school five days a week and so every summer when the school season stops we end up needing clothing. Legart’s cute soft women’s leggings are perfect and stylish.

This summer my daughter Payton and I received several pieces from their web site and we are in love with the soft clothes. The Jane tunic in Paprika is my favourite of the items I received.

Navy swing dress

Payton got a pretty blue dress for her birthday from Legart Apparel. It is a Swing dress in Navy and looks fantastic. Dress it up or down, belt it or don’t. Either way it looks fresh and cute. Plus, for my super sensitive teenager, the fabric is perfect, made from the same materials as the buttery soft leggings are. The Swing Dress comes in four different colours and various sizes as well, plus it has pockets which she loves.

She also received the Jane tunic top in blue. You might have guessed that blue is her favourite colour. Jane tunic is just a little bit dressy. Paired with leggings it is an easy stylish outfit.

Soft Leggings For the Win

Both of my girls have always had some sensory issues related to clothing. SO scratchy rough fabric doesn’t work. When they were kids I made that mistake often and frankly clothing with sequins or odd seams never worked. Sequinned tops that were all the rage when they were pre-teens were worn once and put aside for someone else.

Here soft fabrics are essential. So wish that I could show you how super soft the fabric is.

My daughter Payton also got the cutest Galaxy look buttery soft leggings with bright blue patterning. The actual pattern is called the Connect the Dots but it looks like a Galaxy to me. Both of my girls were crazy for the pattern and they look adorable. But don’t tell my daughter I called them adorable. Lit. I think. That’s the ticket.

Photo by Ainsley Schuck


As for me, I love the Jane tunic in Paprika paired with the Polka Party regular leggings. At just $25 for the leggings and the same price for capris, that’s a deal! Listen, a person can never have too many black leggings or capris. There are a few different pairs I have in my closet that I have outworn. I’ve been wearing one pair of reliable old capris since 2012. Time to move them on, I think.
Photo by Ainsley Schuck
Legart Apparel’s soft black capris are perfect for spring, summer and into the fall months too. This material and product is lightweight and great for travel. That’s important to me. In fact, if you are looking for some capsule wardrobe pieces or a few standout colourful outfits these are ideal.

Easy Affordable Style

Most of the leggings shown here are made of polyester and spandex. They are extremely soft and they stretch to move with you. The dress my daughter received has some rayon in the mix. These are comfortable pieces that you can dress up or down and they are easy to care for as well.
I received product in exchange for consideration her. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $50 credit to start your own wardrobe!!

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