Streaming More Specialty Channels With a Roku Express

For years, I have actually wanted to get my hands on a ROKU Express. I’ve wondered often if my Netflix subscription would stream better via the ROKU and I have even gone so far as to source some, but just didn’t pull the trigger at the electronics store.

I received product in exchange for consideration here.

A Better Viewing Experience

This month, I finally got a ROKU Express and now I can see what the fuss was about. We are loving the access to extra channels that we simply haven’t had here before in my home. For weeks, my one daughter has been asking for Disney Plus channel. She caught wind of the buzz about the channel and has been campaigning.

Connected Families

Anyways, we hooked up the ROKU Express and Disney Plus has been running here ever since. So, now I am gifting Disney Plus channel to her for her birthday. Don’t tell her this but it’s also a bit of a gift for me. Why? Because, my kids are both teens and they have zero interest in watching TV with us anymore. That changes occasionally when there’s something new on Netflix and also I glimpsed a little bit of this again when we tested out a new channel on Disney Plus via the Roku Express.

All Roku streaming devices in Canada provide access to thousands of free and paid streaming services, including: Netflix, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, DAZN, Global TV, CBS All Access, Acorn TV, hayu, Britbox, VMedia and many more. Additionally, Roku players and Roku TVs can be used with the free Roku mobile app for iOS and Android, to enjoy private listening, voice search and more.

So, understand that some of the specialty channels require additional payment. Others might not. Read the fine print always.

Roku Express retails for somewhere between $40-$60. 

The new Roku Express is 10% smaller than its predecessor, is sleek and designed to blend in and disappear when connected to a TV. It can be fully powered by most TVs to reduce clutter around the TV. With the Roku Express consumers enjoy easy and smooth HD streaming.

In the box a small remote control is included with popular streaming channel shortcut buttons, a High Speed HDMI® cable and a power cord.

Now I’d love to tell you it was ridiculously easy to setup. And that would be mostly the truth. It was simple for my teenagers. I tried and failed. So, if you have a nearby teen or tween then you will be good and this will make an excellent gift for Easter, Mother’s Day or a birthday.

More Tips

Download the free app and access easily that way too. No cost for the equipment either, so that’s a benefit.

Final Roku Express Thoughts

ROKU Express makes a great gift and I’ve heard that this one travels well, so I plan to take it with me on a few trips to see if that holds true.

It’s awesome to have something this simple adding value to our TV. Loving the extra channels and it streams fast. That’s a novelty for us.

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