Greece Coloring and Writing Book For Your Family Trip

In May of this year my oldest daughter and I will travel to Greece for the first time ever. We are beyond stoked. It is her last year of high school and she literally just a few days ago got accepted into university. Her first choice for the subject she wants! Can’t wait to celebrate that in Greece.

Learn All About Greece Now

While my children are way too old for this cute Greece coloring and writing book, yours might just be exactly the right age for it. I love getting kids psyched about travel and geography and learning all of the things about this beautiful world we live in. The exploration of history and culture is also one that we take both seriously and playfully too.

I want my kids to always love travel and to strive to understand other cultures and customs. So, we travel every single chance that we get. Greece is one of those destinations that I have had on the bucket list forever. So, in early May we will fly there and enjoy a week exploring Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. Athens might also be in the cards for this trip. Time and weather will tell.

Other Tools

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Download the Greece Coloring and Writing Book and share with your kids before you go. It’s a great way for younger kids to spend time on the airplane or to practice fine motor skills, spelling and more.


Stay tuned for all of the travel posts that are soon to come out of the Greece trip. Don’t forget to check out my Inkscrblr Instagram channel for updates when we are there and for the latest adventures and travel inspiration!

Please let me know if you use this Greece Coloring and Writing Book. I hope you are able to share with your kids. Feel free to download it and print it out for your use or your children. This is protected by copyright though, which means you can’t reprint on your site or use commercially in any way without my permission.

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Have You Travelled to Greece Yet?

Have you ever been to Greece? If so, what should we not miss?

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