Tip Top Shoe #giveaway

Are you a shoe gal? Are shoes your babies? Do you baby your shoes? Well, Tip Top shoes has a great solution to help protect your heels.

Tip Top Shoes are the invention of experienced wardrobe stylist and shoe collector Kelly Lyles. Lyles was style consultant for many years with various brands, magazines, TV outlets, record labels and celebrities. Her idea was born when she noticed her Chanel boots had a crease in the toe.

Not that I ever had a Chanel pair of boots, or ever will, but I empathize with this nasty boot affliction and have had same issue happen here. Many incarnations took place before Lyles came up with the Tip Top Shoe Saver. We’ve all been caught stuffing shoes with tissues, but now there’s a better solution. And just in time for my new Justin Boots that I won a couple months ago. I have been waiting for the nice weather before I wear them. Now that the nice weather is here, well it’s time to think how best to protect my shoes also. Tip Top Shoe Saver is a small flexible insert for the top of pointy shoes. Tip Top  Shoe Glove is a feminine wrap around made of cloth for the heels of your shoes. Shoe Glove prevents scuff marks.

I like the idea of both products, but mostly find the Tip Top Shoe Saver to be a useful unique product. The Shoe Glove is lovely, just not sure I would use it often. I also liked how easily bendable the Tip Top Shoe Saver is, because you can easily make it fit a host of different shoes. Packaging is pretty and feminine for all of these products. The Tip Top Shoe Saver is $14.99 and the Shoe Glove is $16.99. The Shoe Glove is available for flats or high heels.

These products get a $$$$ out of $$$$$. It’s a novel way to protect your shoes. Cost might be a bit more for the Shoe Glove than I would normally spend. Shoe Saver is a smart product and I like the price point.

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