Tria Beauty Series Post 1 – Home Hair Removal Laser

This multi-part series was sponsored by Tria Home Hair Removal Laser.



Everyone has one or two problem areas on their face or body that need the occasional wax, pluck or shave. Luckily, I am not someone who needs excessive electrolysis to control unwanted hair growth. But, still there are problem areas I am unhappy with at times. 

Home Hair Removal

I never really thought of myself as excessively hairy. And yet, this one time I was asked to be in a commercial for a Miss Oktoberfest promotion … there were numerous closeups on my ears and neck because of the jewelry sponsor. When I saw the finished version of that commercial I barely recognized myself in it. There, for the world to see in full colour (well, the world that watched CKCO TV anyways) was every tiny hair surrounding my ears, neck, even on my hands. Yuck, was all I could think. On TV I looked HAIRY. Now, maybe/ hopefully it didn’t look like that to anyone else in the world, but to me it was grotesque. Hideous! Appalling and awful. 


Anyways, I heard about this great at home laser device called Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X last year when I attended Blogher and applied to their blogger outreach program. Just this past week the device arrived and I spent some time figuring out the setup. I figured I might be able to use it on some of those annoying little hairs. And who knows, maybe I will get brave and tackle winter legs!!


First of all: I have two kids in the house and I was a bit curious about how safe the at home laser hair removal system would be. Could tweens use it if they wanted? Should they use it? Could my youngest accidentally activate it and harm herself?


Well today I figured out the safety questions: No, Probably not to be safe, and No are the answers to those questions. The indications and warnings on the laser state that it is safe for age 18 and up.


I was incredibly impressed this morning when I noted the number of safeguards Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal 4X has in place. I can’t envision any issues with this device as long as you follow all the instructions. It is deactivated by phone when you call to register the device. Unless you are in Canada, then you have one that is already registered, as I did. The Tria unit has to be touched to your skin manually so that it tests your skin tone to determine if you are safe to use the device. Medium brown, dark brown or black toned skin will not work with the Tria laser. So the unit, won’t activate or unlock if your skin is that tone. You are not supposed to use the Tria near your eyes, eyebrows, ears or genital area. 

Tria Specs:

From the Tria information:

Proven through dermatologist-led studies, Tria uses the same diode laser technology as professionals to target the dark pigment in hair and disable the hair follicle for permanent results.


This is the device itself. It looks like a cute small hairdryer. 
I will be blogging about the Tria home hair removal laser for a few weeks, checking back in weekly to show progress. See for yourself how well it works and then come back in February for a chance to win one valued at $449. Good luck. Don’t forget to keep reading to win.
Disclosure: I have received a device for review purposes. My opinion is my own.

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