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Ascenta Health and Resolutions

Last year I was asked to be an Ascenta Health ambassador and it’s a role I will continue on with as it supports my family goal of staying healthy. Good health and the pursuit of good health is a constant goal we strive for, and frankly this year more than ever, I am renewing our commitment.

Brain and cardiovascular health of my children is incredibly important to me. Here’s a bit about why we love this easy to take liquid for maintenance of daily health.

Ascenta Health Nutrasea Omega 3 and How it Fits Our Life


Ascent Health NutraSea Omega 3 for kids has been a regular part of our grocery list for many years. When my daughter first arrived in our home we knew she was prenatally compromised (we adopted her at five months old). At length, I researched ways to give her the best possible conditions to help her bond and grow strong and healthy. I quickly learned that Omega 3 was advantageous to infant brain development.

We also consulted nutritionists and naturopaths, and eventually occupational therapists too to help her. One of the first things recommended was NutraSea Omega 3 for kids. This is the same protocol I recommend for most of the adoptive and foster families I know. While prenatal health care might have been less than ideal sometimes when kids are placed or apprehended, forever families and foster families are often hunting for methods to boost health in infancy and toddlerhood.

For sure it can’t hurt to try and build better health through nutrition and vitamins immediately and over the longterm.

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Benefits of Omega 3


Omega 3 promotes cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation. As well, it supports cognitive and brain function. When I was a child, I remember well my mother giving both my brother and I cod liver oil every day. It was her way of helping us grow healthy brains even then.


My youngest daughter has taken the Ascenta Health NutraSea fish oil from the time she was about 18 months old. I knew it might give her a stronger global health outlook over the longterm. Her impulse control, immune system and nervous system were very fragile when she was little. They still can be at times, but I know that we are trying our hardest and helping her by adding NutraSea to her diet. She still takes it daily, unless I forget.

For me, Ascenta Health NutraSea is a no brainer. I strive to be fit and healthy and ward off illness despite my own health care challenges. Ascenta Health is crucial for me as I try to stay on top of our family health.

I received no compensation for this post, but I received product for review. My opinion is my own.

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