Whale Colouring Page Printable

Have you ever been whale watching? That’s one of my travel bucket list items and I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that I really must do this some day soon. Timing is critical of course. You have to choose a destination and a time when whales are active. I suppose BC is probably a consistent bet that way. But I am typically in BC for conferences and not for leisure.

Then again there’s always Quebec and the Maritimes out East. I’d definitely love to spend more time there. For now this whale colouring page will do.



One day I will get to BC or Quebec, California, or out east where whale watching is a common hobby. Then I will happily share the adventure with everyone here. But in the meantime, if you are content to dream about your vacation bucket list, and colour to pass the time then here is a beautiful detailed whale colouring page printable to use.

As usual remember you can print via the whale colouring page image above by right clicking on the picture and printing. Simple enough to do. Or you might click the PDF link above. Either way this is for your personal use not for reprinting on your site. Please respect copyright so that I can continue to share these.

If you are a whale lover and as captivated by the idea of whale watching as I am then perhaps you will also enjoy this whale colouring page printable for free.

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