10 Easy DIY and Upcycled Crafts to Make

DIY and Upcycled crafts can be so much fun to make together. Or perhaps even on your own. There is no need to toss things in the garbage or the recycling if you can give them a second life. That spares money and materials and is simply better for the planet.


One of my kids is a natural at this. She always has been. I think it might actually be a generational thing, as in Generation Z seems to be naturally inclined to care for the environment and reuse things a bit better than we ever did. That might just be my observation. I am curious to know if you have found the same.

Here are several of my favourite upcycled crafts to make. These would be perfect for the restless last few days of summer or maybe for the first few cozy days of fall too. What have you upcycled lately?


Ten Upcycled Crafts

  • DIY Snowman Jar
  • Upcycled Baby Food Spice Jars
  • DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs
  • Cockatoo Pencil Tins
  • Pineapple Maracas
  • Gingham Vase Glass Jar Upcycle
  • Recycled Magazine Art
  • Upcycled Tray
  • DIY Sweater Box
  • Teacup Planters
  • Upcycled teacup planters are so very cute and aesthetic. You can also turn them into adorable bird feeders. But, my favourite of all of these is the sweater box. I’m making a couple before the winter. Stay tuned for those photos soon.

    Don’t miss my Crafty Pinterest board with amazing craft ideas on it.

    Here are a few items and products I like to use for crafting.

    Mason Jars

    Fabric Squares

    Elmer’s Clear Glue


    Upcycling Can Be Simple

    Upcycled crafts can be super simple. Sometimes, it’s as easy as turning your old t-shirts into pillows, or chopping up jeans, into cutoffs. Old clothing can often be repurposed into household items, purses, pillow cases, blankets and, of course everyone has made something new out of Mason Jars at one point or another.

    What Have You Made This Season?

    Are you crafty? Do you upcycle? What kinds of upcycled crafts have you made so far? Any tips for others?

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