Disney On Ice at Bud Gardens – Discount Codes #ldnont

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Every year, from the time my oldest was 2, we gleefully set aside an afternoon or an evening for Disney On Ice. Not sure who gets more enjoyment out of the amazing ice skaters – myself, or the kids? I wrote about the experience once and how blessed we are to get to see Disney on Ice through our children’s eyes. 
That first year when I sat beside Miss Payton, aged 2, staring half at her and half at the ice as skaters told the magical story of Cinderella, Simba, and Belle, I caught myself crying. I never knew happy tears existed until I had kids. Now they flow freely when I am proud of them, or surprised by them or just feeling their amazing arms around me randomly. It’s utterly embarrassing and wonderful. There was a time 14 years ago when we didn’t think we’d be parents and then we got the call that we had been matched to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. And again that happened 2 1/2 years later. Ever since then we wear our emotions on our sleeves when it comes to our kids.
Disney is magical. Disney does everything well. Disney resorts are the ultimate in service, and Disney movies are true family friendly entertainment. When you bottle that experience and mix it with spending time as a family and the fierce music and athletic skill of the skaters who take part each year, Disney on Ice is a highlight of our winter. 
Disney on Ice is taking place at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario January 29th to February 2nd. 
Your whole family can set sail with The Little Mermaid, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy as Mickey emarks on a sightseeing vacation to magical worlds. In London they will encounter Peter Pan and Wendy then they head to Never Land and the Pride lands. Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure is an affordable fun, enchanting, family experience. I have some special discount codes to pass on to my readers. USE Code MUM4 and MUM44 to save. 
See you there!

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