Thriftymommastips Holiday Gift Guide #Xmas2013

This is the unveiling of a very special opportunity for brands to connect with readers here on during the Christmas buying season. Welcome to Thrifty Mommas Tips Gift Guide 2013. If you are a brand, or have a product you’d like featured, please write to I am accepting all family friendly submissions.

You have 3 months to go before Christmas. Now is the time to start the buzz. Get your product featured in this Christmas gift guide and have it seen by thousands. Millions of impressions monthly across my social media channels. Feel free to request mote info if you want it.

What you need to know: It costs $50 to advertise your product, toy, beauty item or unique gift card, in my guide which will be live on this site until December 28th. I do not require a sample product of the item, but if you wish to send one anyways, we can negotiate privately.

You can see my statistics on the side of this page. My reach currently is 3 million people. 
Klout 64-65.
I have over 25,000 visits to my site a month
6000 + Facebook likes
and 14,100 followers on Twitter
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If you a regular visitor here then you know the about me information. I am an award-winning freelance journalist. My byline has appeared far and wide from the Globe and Mail, Canada’s best read and most widely circulated newspaper to the Yummy Mummy Club, one of canada’s largest digital sites. I have won awards for newspaper writing and I have written for Today’s Parent and Canadian Family. Additionally I run a non profit, speak internationally at parenting conferences for adoptive parents and connect in person with dozens of groups as an advocate for children and adoptive families. I community manage a few on line profiles and host twitter parties, while juggling PTA.
All of that means that you connect with a lot of people and influencers, both on line and in person, via placing your product in my first ever Holiday Gift Guide. 
I will pin each item to my Pinterest board Holiday Gift Guide 2013. I also include your product in a bi-weekly Gift Guide update.
I will include relevant statistics in the Holiday gift guide hosted here on my site and buying information.

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