35 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Not Chocolate

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To gift or not to gift, that is the Valentine’s Day question. Basically if you are asking, then pretty much the answer is always get a Valentine’s gift, or even Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or expensive, but you should cover all bases and be sure that your loved one is not disappointed or upset if you ignore the day altogether.

But chocolate and candy are so overdone. I mean honestly a box of chocolates, while yummy, doesn’t last and shows exactly zero creativity. So, what does that leave you? Well, here are a few cute ideas. There are a few splurges, but mostly these Valentine gifts are affordable and great presents to give someone special.




35 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Not Chocolate – or Candy

No need to wreck your teeth with extremely saccharine foods and sweets. Sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts can be some of the sweetest and most memorable. No candy necessary.

My Favourite Willow Tree Gifts

Willow Tree You and Me sweet and sentimental figures


This is one I want actually. We have a few of these in our home. The girls each have these Willow Tree Figurines from when we finalized their adoptions years ago. Such sweet gifts. I cherish one that I have of Grandma, my Mom. It reminds me of her and how special that role is, and was to her. These remind me of memories and moments I treasure forever. In my opinion that makes the best gift going. Also affordable.

Willow Tree Handpainted Sculpture – Promise

Anniversary Willow Tree Handpainted Sculpture

Each of these Willow Tree gifts are so special to me that I am recommending them highly, unless you have a partner who is not at all sentimental then perhaps these quirky Valentines novelty gifts are better. You know her best so choose accordingly.

Quirky Valentine’s Day Gifts

A bit odd but also kind of hilarious. Valentine’s Day toilet paper. Totally quirky and I guarantee that nobody else will buy this so no duplicates, or returns obviously, here.


I Heart Clothing

Clothes that are Valentine’s Day related and will be used more than once.


Women’s Fun Colorful Crew Socks


Women’s Off Shoulder Red Sweatshirt – LOVE


Hello Love Baseball Tee Long Sleeve


Mommy and Me Matching Outfits – Toddler and Mom


If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Wine socks



Relax and Craft, Colour or Journal

Best Wife Colouring Book



One Minute Gratitude Journal



Something That Sparkles – Jewelry

Sterling silver dangly earrings

Silver Drop Earrings

Pendant necklace – B Catcher – sterling silver pendant.

Black Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl – stunning.

Purple Crystal Music Box – Plays You are So Beautiful to Me   – I love this pretty music box mostly because of the music it plays. Don’t underestimate the power of that.

Swarovski Bears – LOVE this sweet pair. Cannot go wrong with these. They are flawless.

And, if flowers are more her style, but you don’t want to get red roses that fade, wither and die way too soon, then this will remain sparkly and alive forever – Swarovski Flower Dreams orchid



Keepsakes to Treasure:


Gold Foil Eternity Rose


Useful Gifts We LOVE:

I Got the new Michelle Obama Memoir for Christmas and I have been reading it every night. First off I am a huge fan of her and her husband. I also love the memoir genre. It speaks to me. People’s real life stories and arcs intrigue me, especially if they are someone I admire or someone who has overcome a significant obstacle in some way. This hits both of those criteria for me and may as well do so for your spouse or girlfriend.

Interesting Reads

It is quite simply the book to read in 2019. Here’s the link to Becoming. Trust me – she will enjoy Becoming by Michelle Obama.


Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The Paperwhite is the less expensive, less tricked out version of the Kindle e-reader.

I have the Kindle Oasis and love it. If you want to see my review you can check this out – Kindle Oasis Review – and if you want to get one here you go. Order the Kindle Oasis now. It is exceptional and waterproof too.

Listen here’s the thing about Readers for me….they take up so much less space on the bedside stand and also they appeal to the part of me that needs reading glasses…why? Well, I can set the type to any size that I wish and not need the glasses every single time I want to read something. I fall asleep reading and


PERSONAL Gifts We Adore:


What I Love About You Personalized Book Fill In



Spa Gifts

Home Spa Bath Bombs Set


Pretty Things For The Home


Distressed Wood Block LOVE sign.  The colours on this distressed sign make me happy. Pretty gift, even for yourself actually. Why not? I’d put this in my home. Maybe in the ensuite or the bedroom.

Cotton Linen Blue Throw Pillow with Small Red Heart design



LED Valentines Light



Kithomer Valentine’s Day set of Four 18 by 18 cushion covers. Plaid Farmhouse Décor Style



Red and Black buffalo check sofa cushion – LOVE



Polyester Printed Hearts Table Runner – 13 by 70


Double sided polyester Table Runner – 13 by 70



Miliken Hearts in Stitches Table Runner 12 by 72


12 ounce Wine Tumblers MASCOTKING – Colourful and Insulated Wine Tumblers.



Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gadget Girls Like Me – Technology

Amazon Firestick

All New Alexa Voice Remote – Yes please because this seems useful and fun too.

If someone got me a Phillips Hue Smart Hub for Valentine’s Day I would not return it. Just saying.


Shopping For Something Special?

Hunting for something special to mark any occasion is easier than ever. It will come as no great shock to anyone here that I love shopping online. I have really only had one or two bad experiences with shopping online. It’s a good bet when you buy from a reputable source like Amazon that you are safe and the goods will be as advertised or you should have no issue returning them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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