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The Food Basics I Want It All Winners May Surprise You

Food Basics I Want It All was a giveaway I first told you about back in June. The I Want It All event was set to coincide with the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Customers had a chance to win 150% off their receipt to spend on that extra something that they all really want. As a special bonus, Facebook fans who answered the question “How would you Have it All?” on the Food Basics Facebook page would have their wishes fulfilled.

Well, the Food Basics I Want It All event has closed, and winners have been announced. You will be as surprised as I was at the beautiful gifts these shoppers have won.

Food Basics I Want It All Winners

Of course, the event is a great way for Food Basics to help their customers have it all, but they also help their customers have it all every day. Food Basics, I think I told you a while ago, was a lifesaver for us when we first adopted our daughters. As you can imagine our income was drastically reduced when I was suddenly off work parenting the girls. As a single income family, we had to save money and be extremely careful with our spending. We shopped Food Basics all the time then because they had the best prices around.

Saving on the small things helps families save up for the BIG things! Food Basics shoppers can shop smart in store AND their products are always fresh, in stock, and at a great price.

I’m honoured to be able to share the I Want It All celebrations and bring you the winners of this amazing giveaway! Food Basics has really made this contest about celebrating loyal customers. This season I have loved seeing the stories of the customers who have won this contest. Do you remember when the contest started and I told you the most remarkable thing about this contest was the requests people made. They were so modest and touching. In fact, they were often needs not wants.

Contest winners did not ask for the world. Instead they asked for simple things – a motorized wheelchair, a trip with a hardworking father, and rent payments to be able to worry less.

The contest is over and here are the winners. You might be surprised at what they won. These are heartfelt stories.


The Gift of Freedom and Mobility

Michelle Graham – Ottawa

This is the one that touched me the most. People shouldn’t have to do without just because they have a disability. And yet, the cost of buying vital equipment to get and stay mobile sometimes means people with disabilities do without. Thanks to the Food Basics I Want It All contest, one winner Michelle said she’d have it all with a motorized wheelchair so she could have the freedom to go to the park with her kids during the summer. Food Basics got her a motorized wheelchair!

The Gift of Family

Jasmine Clover Waylett – North Bay

Food Basics I Want It All gave it all to Jasmine by giving her a gift card to cover the costs of a trip for her father. She wanted to take her father on the trip of a lifetime because he’s the hardest worker she’s ever known and always puts his family ahead of himself.

Having a Roof Over Your Head

Marie Nicole – Windsor

Marie Nicole said she’d have it all by being able to afford first and last month’s rent for an apartment to have more space as she welcomes a new baby to her family. The Food Basics I Want It All event gave Marie first and last month’s rent on the apartment as well as baby supplies for the new parents.

Food Basics I Want It All Gave It All

I am so glad to be a small part of the Food Basics I Want It All event. They did such amazing things for their winners, and the stories have been heartwarming. The Food Basics I Want It All celebrations may be over, but you can still have it all by shopping at Food Basics. Saving money matters to most working families. Food Basics can help you save. So head over to Food Basics and have it all.

This content has been sponsored by Food Basics and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card from Food Basics now! Ontario only please.

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