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All New Kindle Oasis is Here Just in Time for the Holidays

The all new Kindle Oasis is here, and it’s the most advanced model ever released. That’s great news for book-lovers everywhere. So many things I love about the Kindle Oasis. Here are two: it’s made just for reading and it’s waterproof. The Paperwhite display means you can read with it in the dark, or in the brightest sunlight with no glare. And the fact that it is waterproof is brilliant! That’s important when you carry your reader everywhere like I do. Happy to report the all new Kindle Oasis features some new bells and whistles that have me more excited than ever before to use a Kindle. kindle_oasis I’ve been a fan of ereaders for years now. They are ideal for travel and they are light too. Plus they simplify life for me. Back before children I was a book hoarder/ collector with shelves lines full of my favourites. Oh I still enjoy a tangible hard copy book but I prefer having my novels neatly contained on a device like this. Those of you who know me, or who read this blog from time to time, are aware by now that I am a gadget girl. New technology makes me happy. So when I heard about the All New Kindle Oasis I had to have one. HAD TO. And I was ecstatic when I opened mine. It was like Christmas morning the day this little beauty arrived. kindle_oasis As soon as the Oasis arrived here I asked all my friends for reading suggestions and downloaded a bunch of new titles. It took a little bit of work to get used to how this one works. But pretty quickly I found the way into the library to see if there was anything preloaded. And then I loaded it up.

All New Kindle Oasis – The Best Reading Experience

I’ve been using my Kindle Oasis for a couple of weeks now, and I have concluded that it is THE best gift you can give a reader this holiday season. Hands down. It’s got everything you’ve ever loved about a Kindle plus so much more!

  • Larger 7″ 300ppi Display Fits over 30% more words
  • IPX8 Water Resistance Immersion protection in up to 2 meters of fresh water for up to an hour. (Hello!! That’s awesome and I have yet to see a better more waterproof version! I read at the pool and on the beach and my ereaders travel around the globe with me so this is important to me.)
  • Lighter Weight – Weight 10 grams less than best-selling Kindle Paperwhite. Also something that matters to me. In my laptop bag, or purse when I fly, weight is important. The lighter the better.
  • Fast-Charging Capability – Goes from no battery to fully-charged in less than two hours
  • More Storage – Comes with two storage options. Choose 8 GB for twice the storage of previous models or 32 GB for storing even more books or rich content that use large file sizes like comic books, newspapers, magazines, and the like.
  • More Font Settings – Even more font sizes and five level of boldness for making your reading experience the most comfortable one ever.
  • Smart Light Settings – Built-in ambient light sensors automatically detect light levels and adjust the display to those conditions. You can even adjust it further with personal preference options.
  • New Accessibility Options – Features a new feature that inverts black and white on the display for those with light sensitivity. The OpenDyslexic font still remains. So the all new Kindle Oasis has more accessibility than ever before. My readers will understand why that’s vital!

Gadget guys and gals need this. They will love it. Perfect for giving, or receiving, this year.


The All new Kindle Oasis – All the Way Amazing

I am in love with the all new Kindle Oasis. The new reading, font, and storage options make it the perfect reader for a person like me who loves language, technology and books. The new super large storage option also allows me to store my daughter’s favorite comic books on there, if I choose to. It’s basically the ultimate reader. It has been for me anyway. If you know someone who loves to read, consider giving the all new Kindle Oasis a look. It’s available on Amazon for either $249.99 for the 8 GB version of Kindle Oasis or $389.99 for the 32 GB Kindle Oasis. I was provided with a Kindle Oasis in exchange for an honest review of this product. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. This post contains affiliate links to help you shop. If you make a purchase then I receive a commission at no additional cost. 

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