4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Pair of Contact Lenses

While eyeglasses are more common as a corrective tool, many individuals opt for contact lenses for multiple reasons. One of the most prominent is how they provide more natural vision from all angles, as they sit right on the eyeballs. Aside from this, contacts have the advantage of being without frames, which means they don’t block the peripheral vision, and they are less likely to be affected by surroundings. This means they’re not as prone to falling out, and they’re not at risk of smudging or fogging up. Given the above, contact lenses are an essential expense for many people who rely on them for clear, unencumbered vision. More specifically, a Global Newswire post states over 125 million people worldwide use contact lenses regularly.

Nevertheless, the cost of contact lenses can add up over time, making it important to find ways to save money on this necessary purchase without sacrificing quality or comfort. By making several considerations and smart choices, it is possible to reduce the overall cost of contact lenses. As such, below are some ways to save money on your next contact lenses.

Order Contacts Online

One way to save a considerable amount of money on contact lenses is by ordering online. Online retailers often offer lower prices than physical stores since they do not have the same overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, and staff salaries. Ordering contact lenses online also eliminates the need to travel, which ultimately reduces both the time and money you shell out.

Furthermore, buying online allows individuals to compare prices and products from a variety of retailers easily. With a few taps on a device, consumers can easily find, compare, and buy contact lenses online without the need to make trips to multiple physical stores. Clearly is one such reputable online store that carries many different types of lenses, such as the Acuvue Oasys disposable lenses, which also come specialised for users with astigmatism. They also regularly offer 5% to 20% off discounts and during events such as Black Friday. This level of convenience and accessibility will not only lead to significant savings but can also help consumers make more informed decisions regarding their purchases.

Buy in Bulk

For contact lens wearers who prefer disposable lenses or “dailies,” one of the best ways to save money is to buy multiple boxes of contact lenses at once. While this may seem expensive upfront, it can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. This is because shops tend to give larger discounts to those who buy contact lenses in bulk due to various reasons such as reduction in waste, packaging costs, and transport miles.

By purchasing a six-month or one-year supply of lenses, you can take advantage of bulk pricing and rebates, as there is likely to be a cost reduction per box or an overall purchase discount. Providers like Contacts Direct offer up to $100 off on annual supplies of many brands, such as Dailies Total 1, which can also be bought as specialised multifocal lenses. Additionally, some retailers offer free shipping for bulk orders and orders that reach a certain minimum amount, further increasing the potential for savings.

Observe Proper Maintenance

On the other hand, for those who use reusable lenses, proper maintenance, including correct sanitation and storage, is crucial both for saving money and for your eye health. Most reusable lenses can last for up to one year. However, improper handling of contact lenses can lead to faster degradation and potential contamination. Lens contamination can cause infections like bacterial pink eye, which can lead to serious eye damage.

One of the most critical aspects of maintenance is choosing a suitable lens solution. It is essential to use solutions from pharmacies or those recommended by your ophthalmologist and to ensure that they are not expired. Some of the most popular today are OPTI-FREE and CooperVision. Additionally, the lens case should be regularly cleaned. The process of cleaning should be done after every use by rinsing the case with the solution and leaving it to air dry. On top of this, it is recommended to replace the lens case every three months to prevent bacteria build-up. Overall, proper maintenance of reusable lenses will result in lower risk and less frequent replacement, ultimately saving a lot of money.

Understand Your Insurance

Selecting the best type of insurance is another way to save on contact lenses. Insurance coverage varies widely depending on the provider and specific plan. Some may have more comprehensive coverage for eye care and provide better benefits for corrective eyewear compared to others, which is why it is essential for individuals to review their insurance plans carefully.

Some of the ways in which insurance plans help save money on contact lenses include covering costs for comprehensive eye exams. Through this, individuals can better ensure the health of their vision and avoid constantly changing their prescriptions. In addition to this, insurance can also help offset the cost of corrective eyewear, including contact lenses themselves. Many coverage plans make a noticeable difference and can be extra beneficial for those who need more expensive specialised lenses, such as toric lenses for astigmatism or multifocal lenses for presbyopia.

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