Nine Reasons to Stay in Saint-Sauveur Quebec

It’s no secret that we adore Quebec in any season. In the wintery months, we often take at least one road trip to Mont Tremblant ski resort and village to revisit the extraordinary trails where we learned to ski as a family. While Tremblant is a huge draw for tourists both nationally and internationally, there’s so much more to see in the Laurentians.


In this area of Quebec there are numerous villages and cities that are charming, relaxing, scenic and affordable. You won’t have to search too long to find great food or a spectacular relaxing spa for the day. Places like St Agathe, St Jerome and Saint-Sauveur Quebec each offer an alternative to the more well known Quebec ski resort locales. If you want to save money while visiting the nearby Tremblant ski resort then you can easily opt to stay in a quiet spot like Saint-Sauveur Quebec.

Many Reasons to Love Saint-Sauveur Quebec

Saint-Sauveur is located in between Montreal and Mont Tremblant which makes its location ideal. We arrived here via Chelsea, Gatineau and Ottawa areas where we visited and explored for a couple of days prior to driving two more hours into the Laurentians.


Saint-Sauveur is an easy drive from Gatineau, but that said tune into the winter weather reports if you are driving in the snowy months. Roads can be slippery during ski season. Head out on a hiking trip or a ski trip, depending on the season. Saint-Sauveur Quebec is a small town with gorgeous scenery, architecture, food and history so you might even consider staying here simply for a quiet break.

We booked an AirBnB to stay in and loved it. It was easy to access, clean and centrally located on the Main Street, a very peaceful home on a quiet street and we have all noted we would certainly return to this specific home. With three bedrooms and a lovely yard, surrounded by a sweet stone wall and a hammock in the back, it was perfect.


The Architecture

The architecture ranges from vintage Victorian-style homes, to wooden cabins all the way to modern homes and magnificent properties that looked very much like mansions. Walking around town and looking at all the different houses is a fun way to get to know the area. Deer are easy to spot on the verdant green yards and fields flanking the mansions of the area. Chapels and churches in Saint-Sauveur are also extremely well documented by travel writers and in coffee table books. 

The Food

Saint-Sauveur has a wide range of restaurants and food to choose from, Greek food, Japanese food, Italian food, as well as comfort foods like hamburgers, pizza, and other pub food. We discovered a souvlaki place that we actually still dream about. If you are travelling with children, the menus offer enough variety to please everyone.


Saint-Sauveur has quite a few bars and restaurants who serve alcohol, the atmosphere at these places varies from classy wine tastings to drinking at the local pub with friends. Either way, it is à great way to unwind and enjoy your evening regardless of the season.

The Shopping

Saint Sauveur has a super cute Main Street that is highly walkable and fun. Closer to the nearby Saint-Sauveur Quebec.. A few of my personal favorites were à handmade soap and beauty products store, a crystal shop, an antique store, as well as an art store with works from local artists. There is a vintage candy shop that has been operational for 50 years, a great place to take the kids and enjoy the sweets and vintage toys.

The History

Saint-Sauveur was established in 1855, and a lot of the original architecture still remains in the area. The city combines the charm of a small historical town with modern amenities and culture to create a colourful and rich area for tourism.

The Community

When we visited Saint-Sauveur, not once did we feel like outsiders. The community and people there were so friendly and helpful, many were fluent in English and French which makes it easy for those who are not fluent. The servers gave great recommendations and made us feel so welcome. The town itself was very accessible, everything was within walking distance making it very easy to travel around the town.


Obviously there’s a lot to be said for skiing in the Laurentians. There’s a cute local ski hill open all year round called Le Sommet Saint-Sauveurs. Use their adventure activities and water park area in the summer and stop by for a lift ticket in the winter.

Visiting Saint-Sauveur

When travelling with family through Quebec and planning to spend some time in the Laurentians exploring, it pays to think outside the box and widen your search to include small friendly areas such as Saint-Sauveur. From gorgeous architecture, to relaxing accommodations and a walkable Main Street, this destination is well worth exploring. Happy Travels!


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