How to Soothe a Sore Throat Naturally

How to soothe a sore throat naturally. If you are at all like me then this is something you are wondering right now. Sore throats are the bane of my existence in the Fall and Winter months. So I’m often searching out new and natural ways to soothe the raw, sore feeling.

While sore throats are a very real, very annoying, and uncomfortable part of the winter months for both myself and my kids, I’m not always eager to throw medicine at the problem, especially with the kids. If there’s a natural option to help with colds I am happy to check that out and maybe give it a try here. For such a minor irritation in the grand scheme of things, I look for and try to soothe a sore throat without using pills when possible. Over the years, I’ve learned a few ways to help with the problem, and since winter is almost upon us, I thought I’d share them.



How to Soothe a Sore Throat Without OTCs

It’s important to remember that while many of us want to use all-natural products, we still have a responsibility to check with our doctors to make sure what we think is a sore throat isn’t something more serious like strep. Always be on the lookout for fever, spots on the throat, or any indication that a sore throat is a symptom of something worse. While you’re doing that, these suggestions can help you ease irritation, dryness and soreness that we all know so well.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times for overall health, but when a sore throat hits, you need to ramp up the fluids. The only thing worse than a sore throat is a dry sore throat. Push fluids to help keep everything moist. Good choices to soothe the throat are broth, hot tea with lemon and honey, and good old-fashioned water. My favourite honey these days is Beekeeper’s Naturals honey. I am adding it to a lot of my teas and I love the sweet clover and raspberry blossom varieties.



I know, believe me rest with kids is impossible a lot of days. But another important factor in figuring out how to soothe a sore throat is to realize that rest plays a vital role in our health. Sleep is the time when our bodies recharge and repair themselves. That is literal, not figurative. Our bodies are programmed to jump into repair mode while we sleep. That’s when most of our other bodily functions require minimal energy. That excess energy can then be channeled into repairing the body. If a sore throat is creeping in, increase your downtime and don’t push yourself.

Gargle with Saltwater

A saltwater solution is both soothing and proactive. Saltwater can help soothe a tender sore throat while also helping to keep bacteria at bay, ensuring that a sore throat remains a nuisance and not something worse. A solution of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt added to 4 to 8 ounces of water is recommended. Swish, gargle for a few seconds, and spit. Never drink the water.

Get a Humidifier

Dry air makes the perfect environment for a sore throat. Breathing that dry air in and out all day long saps moisture from the throat and can lead to an irritated sore throat. While you can humidify the cold air outside, humidifying your indoor air can help give some relief to your throat and prevent sore throats.

Avoid Environmental Irritants

If you have friends or family who smoke, keep yourself or your kids away from them if your throat is sore. Even a little smoke caught off of a breeze can further irritate an already tender throat. In the same way, avoid using cleaning products, buy flowers, or exposing yourself or your loved one with a sore throat to anything that can potentially further inflame their already painful throat.


Use Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Spray

The biggest weapon I found in my search for how to soothe a sore throat is Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Spray. It uses only natural ingredients – Propolis and enzymatic, raw, Buckwheat Honey – to naturally support a healthy throat and soothe a sore throat.

During cold and flu season, we often have chronic sore throats and this is one product I trust right now. Their combination of ingredients helps support throat health in two ways. Propolis has natural antibacterial properties, which helps deter the growth of bacteria. In addition, it contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds, making it a key ingredient in supporting throat health. Further, Buckwheat Honey has the highest antioxidant count of any honey, which helps keep the cells of throat tissue healthy and fortified. In fact, one study showed that buckwheat honey performed as effectively as over the counter cough syrup for throat relief.

Beekeeper’s Naturals Throat Spray only uses four ingredients:

  • Bee Propolis Extract (Hand Harvested)
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Non-GMO Glycerin
  • Purified Water

That ingredient rundown makes me feel good about giving this to my kids and myself, and it’s quickly become a go-to for us when sore throats hit. There’s an adult version of this one too actually.


How to Soothe a Sore Throat? Naturally, of Course

I love that I found Beekeeper’s Naturals this season and their honey is amazing too. So far three of us have used it and it seems to work for our throat irritations. So this cold and flu season, keep the fluids coming, get that humidifer, get plenty of sleep, and find Beekeeper’s Naturals some space in your medicine cabinet.

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