New Years Eve Tradition Ideas

5 New Year’s Eve Tradition Ideas

New Years Traditions
New Years Tradition Ideas

 New Year’s Eve Tradition Ideas

Just like Christmas, New Year’s Eve is a great time to think about setting traditions for your friends and family to participate in! There are so many different types of traditions you can set anywhere, from activities to games to competitions. Family party? Or adults only? Party in or party out? New Year’s Eve Tradition Ideas are endless. We have typically involved our kids in the creation of our family New Year’s Eve Tradition Ideas. Some years we skate and watch fireworks in the park. Some years we also do number five on this list. You just have to decide on a couple that make sense for your family and start keeping up with them every year! There are so many possible New Year’s Eve Tradition Ideas. I have compiled a few to get you started.

1. Watch the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special.
This is a great one for predominantly adult families who just want to relax, enjoy some music, and quietly reminisce over their year. It’s a great way to spend some time together and at the end, you get to watch the countdown and the ball drop! If you’ve never watched it before, now might be a great time to start the tradition.

2. Have a silly string fight!

This New Year’s Eve tradition is wonderful for families with preteen aged children. Allowing them to run around and make a mess with silly string is a great way to let them celebrate and get their energy out. Because of the consistency, silly string isn’t usually too terribly hard to clean up.

3. Make some baked goods together.
Baking as a New Year’s Eve tradition is a great way to spend some time together while you’re waiting for the countdown to midnight! Exchanging recipes, spending the time to make them, and then getting to chow down on some delicious baked goods is a win for everybody and a wonderful tradition to start this year!

4. Set off fireworks.
This is always a fun New Year’s Eve tradition for anyone who loves watching fireworks. It’s important to be safe when using any kind of fireworks, but this is definitely a way to impress your guests and family members. The kids are sure to love the fireworks and you can even get small party poppers and sparklers for the kids to feel like they’re making their own fireworks!
5. Order Chinese food!

If you’d rather avoid the cooking this New Year’s Eve, you could always order Chinese food for takeout! It’s a great way to order food in bulk and have enough for everyone while not breaking the bank and this New Year’s Eve tradition is sure to stick around for a while if you find a delicious Chinese food restaurant!

Are there any New Year’s Eve traditions you think I should add to the list for next year? What’s a New Year’s Eve tradition you partake in?

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