Charmed I’m Sure #WordlessWednesday

This was how we spent the day after Boxing Day. Uncle Norm bought Payton the coolest gifts this year. He nailed it with the Zoku and the Klutz Kids presents. This is the Klutz Kid’s Charms. It was such pure girly fun that we giggled and laughed and talked so much while making them together that my husband fled hearing range entirely. 
Roll the tiny charms after you choose a design. The clay inside the kit comes in rainbow shades and is polymer. The designs are mapped out inside the book. There are some portion suggestions too. Almost fool proof. I like that. So after they are finished as charms, you add the tiny clip, then you bake them. Let them cool and glaze. Attach to a bracelet or necklace. One bracelet was included in the kit.

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