8 Adorable Father’s Day Crafts Kids Can Make

Have you been looking for some Father’s Day crafts the kids can help with? Here you go. There’s something brilliant here for your children to make just for Dad. I love the Star Wars mug. It’s super creative and unique.

So how do you celebrate Father’s Day? Do you buy your Dad or husband gifts, or do you make something sweet and from the heart?


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There’s nothing more special than those cute handcrafted treasures from your kids for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, or any old occasion. Sometimes it’s super sweet to know they put their own heart and thoughts and time into creating a gift that is meaningful.

Here are 8 awesome Father’s Day crafts created by super handy bloggers and their kids. Maybe these will give you some ideas on what to make this year.

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8 Father’s Day Crafts Your Kids Can Make (with a little help.)

Cute Trinkets and Treasures:

Make your own Magnets – Confessions of an Overworked Mom

“I Am Your Father” Father’s Day Star Wars Mug – Architecture of a Mom

Cards and Other Gifts:

Quick and Easy Father’s Day Gift and Printable Label – Cincy Shopper

Tutorial – Father’s Day Card – Ribbons and Glue

Fun Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers – Pounds 4 Pennies

Photos and Pictures:

Father’s Day Photo Gift – One Creative Mommy

Father’s Day Plaque – Just us Four

For Your Home or Garden:

Father’s Day Stepping Stones – Diva of DIY

Small Things Have Big Impact

We still have several Father’s Day crafts and treasures here, that are old now but still so sentimental. On my husband’s bedside stand sits an adorable stick figure picture of my daughter with her Dad. She made it and framed it at preschool when she was about 4. It’s comical now for her to look at and go – “UGH how could I ever have drawn like that?”

Father’s Day crafts? Do you buy something or make it? Do you do a bit of both?

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